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  1. Summerz

    TOC Ruling

    why do people not just debate in an alternative organization to KSHAA...bypass the 500 mile limit, TOC restrictions, whatever... They really can't do anything if inter highschool debate competition is under regulation of an organization specifically designed for it....i.e. look at Texas, thats what they did.
  2. meh, kinda lame if your on the bitch end of the internet usage, kind of sweet if not. its all situational.
  3. Summerz

    SM East

    who even goes to Shawnee Mission East's tournament anyways?
  4. when did Pembroke get a debate squad?
  5. even though they got a TOC bid I could still beat both of their asses with little ease. good work. (i mean physically of course)
  6. Summerz

    Waru v. Greenhill

    truer words were never spoken...
  7. whatever happened to the idea of just creating a new debate association and say screw kshaa. Kansas Debate Association
  8. Yes, partially correct. The idea was that if KSHAA took punitive actions there would be grounds for legal suit against the association. The specifics are probably not a good idea to discuss, but it was a pretty solid case that our coach (who was a great lawyer) was confident in. With her retirement however, this was kind of on the back-burner of priorities. i agree with matt cook however that the risk of jeopardizing travel may be worse than not letting the maximum number of teams from out of state compete anyways. why not to what we do for nationals, and ask special permission to exempt this tournament from the 500 mile limit? KSHAA would probably be open to that idea.
  9. warrant? examples? SME drill team competing in Florida, DECA competitions in Orlando & New York. there are more. no special permission requested, no action taken against. look, KSHAA is a big association whose primary focus isn't cracking down on debate squads who don't follow rules that weren't specifically designed for the activity in the first place.
  10. Summerz

    Realism K

    realism is a school of thought commonly used in recent years to answer critical arguments. it pertains to the way in which states act in the international arena, and claims to be an objective description of such actions. there are five basic tenets (states seek survival, possess offensive military capability, states seek resources, war is inevitable...blah blah)...some one else can post them, i am too lazy/don't remember specifics.
  11. kshaa isn't going to do shit if a team comes from outside the 500 mile limit. seriously i doubt they care. in debate terms "no impact". there are ample examples when kshaa activities under the same limitations overstep them all of the time and nothing happens.
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