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  1. Shout out to Peterson and Wilkins of the KU debate team that had a short bit during the KU Ok St. game tonight. It was awesome to see the community represented on national television!
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    KCKCC Results

    I know I am getting old when i am asking this but...... Is Scott Zieler related to Derek?
  3. Im not around much because I live in DC but I was wondering if any teams were thinking of traveling outside of Kansas this year? If so let people know I am sure there is people willing to help you guys.
  4. Out of Curiosity Ankur what do you think of CP/politics or such debates. Where the Aff has the whole plan already. I do agree with you that in most cases you are right. A GOOD (this is key) warrant take out should be enough. However, in a CP/Politics round the CP has case solvency therefore in my mind as a judge if there is small chance of DA then CP is still better than the plan.
  5. Duane I didnt mean anything bad about WACFL last year i was a fairly regular judge and next year i would like to be as well. I think it has great intentions and I can tell you all care a lot about the kids you have. All i was trying to saw was that i think any league would be honored to have a brilliant kid like Andrew judge a tournament. The things he could teach the DC area kids would be awesome, I wouldnt be surprised if he would teach the coaches a lil something When it comes to Bill i have not had much interaction with him but the little i have was great. I debated in a school that has no national circuit reputation at all. Me and my partner were the first ever to participate in any TOC bid tournaments. Our school is also around 25% Hispanic (including me), has a large amount of african americans and other ethnicities. However when we went to Maine East and had Bill as a judge he gave us just the best judged round i have ever had. He made a hard decision to vote for us in a close round against a nat circuit team. He gave us a great detailed decision and that is something i learned a lot from.
  6. I can see both sides of this arguement being from Kansas but also participating in some Nat Circuit. I think the style of debate is great, however i would like to see that style be more translated into other areas not just nat circuit. On a side note though; Duane you may look at where the kids are going to college before you say anything that may upset them these. At least one of them could potentially be judging in WACFL next year.
  7. This was a article written by a guy called Alex Knepper. He is gay and wrote a op ed piece that lead to a huge debate in my school. I thought i would share it here. Jeremiah Headen likely lost the vice presidency of the Student Government over a hyperbolic Facebook note. Its contents — a blast of old-school masculinity — slammed men for not realizing that being manly had nothing to do with what is between one’s legs, but rather is about values, stoic resolve and hard work. It ended with a silly, all-caps call to raid booty and women from neighboring villages. The comments on The Eagle’s Web site, mostly by Gay Party activists and feminists, condemned Headen for being an “anti-queer misogynist” and for undermining American University’s commitment to being “safe space” for the “gay community.” He was also rebuked for using the term “hermaphrodite” instead of “intersex.” What a sniveling bunch of emotional cripples! I have never encountered a more insular, solipsistic view of human sexuality than at this college. The rigidity of Pat Robertson has nothing on feminism. Feminist religious dogma, long ago disposed of by neuroscientists and psychologists, states that men are essentially born as eunuchs, only to have wicked masculinity imposed on them by an evil society. This is usually presented as “social construction theory.” Like the other great religions of the world, though, the goal of contemporary feminism and Gay Party activism is not to explain sex, but to abolish its passion. The yin and yang of masculinity and femininity is what makes sexual exploration exciting. Sex isn’t about contract-signing. It’s about spontaneity, raw energy and control (or its counterpart, surrender). Feminism envisions a bedroom scene in which two amorphous, gender-neutral blobs ask each other “Is this OK with you?” before daring to move their lips any lower on the other’s body. Worse yet: a gender-neutral sexuality can have no conception of the inherently gendered thrills of fetishism, sadomasochism, kink or cross-dressing. How blasé! For my pro-sex views, I am variously called a misogynist, a rape apologist and — my personal favorite — a “pro-date rape protofascist.” Let’s get this straight: any woman who heads to an EI party as an anonymous onlooker, drinks five cups of the jungle juice, and walks back to a boy’s room with him is indicating that she wants sex, OK? To cry “date rape” after you sober up the next morning and regret the incident is the equivalent of pulling a gun to someone’s head and then later claiming that you didn’t ever actually intend to pull the trigger. “Date rape” is an incoherent concept. There’s rape and there’s not-rape, and we need a line of demarcation. It’s not clear enough to merely speak of consent, because the lines of consent in sex — especially anonymous sex — can become very blurry. If that bothers you, then stick with Pat Robertson and his brigade of anti-sex cavemen! Don’t jump into the sexual arena if you can’t handle the volatility of its practice! Feminists don’t understand history, psychology, biology or sexuality. To repair this desperate situation, I have altruistically prepared a list of five favored books about sex and gender: “The Myth of Male Power” by Warren Farrell, “The Sexual Spectrum” by Olive Skene Johnson, “Vamps and Tramps” by Camille Paglia, “Philosophy In the Bedroom” by the divine Marquis de Sade, and “Who Stole Feminism?” by Christina Hoff Sommers. Put down the Andrea Dworkin and embrace the fires of sexuality!
  8. If you are lucky you can get ahold of a guy that goes buy Felix Hoenikker (Mr. Bonnet) he knows his D and G better than anyone know. I thought i had a good idea on life then i talked to Bonnet... He knows his shit.
  9. West Kansas McPherson Goering/Benson Garden City Ramirez/Wells Hutch Blake/Morey Three Trails BVW Oatman/Richey BV Garber/Kalmus Sunflower Wichita East- Hernandez/Lewallen Maize- Oschner/Washburn Goddard- Donnell/Stafford East Kansas Lawrence Schwager/Meissbach SMW Empson/Newman SMS Czarnecki/Subramanyam South Kansas Caney Valley - McIntosh/Williams Caney Valley- Lockwood/Wells Fort Scott- Weilert/Lyon Flint Hills Bonnet/Scherich Emporia Badgley/Landis Washburn Rural Hamilton/Jones Topeka High
  10. Congrats to all those receiving he bids. Not only a list of great debaters but also a list of great people. Ill stay out of the discussion, all i will say was Swans tournament was a great place for freestyle debate and as i look at the list of those who got those bids more than one jumps out at me as attending said tournament. O the memories Swan. From the 7 hour oral critiques to actually being in the tournament. Those were the days when we were young.
  11. As a judge I would probably be ok with any argument as long as it makes sense. I would also make sure to run it through many different people before you run it. It has happened to me and many others that an argument sounds much better in your head than in round. Finally this depends 100% on the judge. Though I would be fine voting for it I know MANY judges that wouldnt.
  12. Note I read very slowly (learning disability) and many of the posts here were really long so i didnt read all of them entirely i tried to get the main points though. Bigsham: I think you are looking at the Va. school numbers wrong. Just because the schools as a whole are mainly white does not mean that the activity of debate is mainly white. I judged at all but one WACFL this year and a few last year. From what I have seen in the NoVa/DC area is NOT a lot of white kids. Coming from Kansas I was actually very surprised at the high level of diversity. In Kansas now there you will see a lot of white kids up against each other but that is just bcs Kansas is not the most diverse state in the union. However in the DC/NoVa area it has not been uncommon for there not to be a single white person in the round. No there may not be too many blacks in the activity but there is a very large amount of Asians (both Chinese/Korean/Japanese etc as well as Indian/Pakistani etc). I have to agree with hylandd the state of policy in the state does not seem that bad. This is saying something coming from a Kansas boy too. Since Kansas does have a ridiculous amount of policy debaters. More than any other state if I am not mistaken. I am constantly hearing about new programs in the area. Hylandd: Like I said before I agree with you. I, like Ankur, am very interested in the idea for the new coach coalition you are proposing. Let me know if there is anyway I can help. I am always willing to give back to the activity to gave so much to me. On to racism: I really do think the issue here is not racism but money differences. Whether you want to call it elitism or financial differences it doesnt matter to me. The factof the matter is people with more money can pay for expensive camps. They can pay to travel to tournaments where they can debate the best teams in the nation and in doing so learn from the best. They can hire assistant coaches to help. The list of advantages for wealthier teams goes on and on. I do not think it is a surprise that the teams that have won NFL nationals have been from nat circuit, usually wealthier schools. However if this was really a racist issue we would not see all the Asians have the success they have. I truly think it is a wealth issue. I can already start seeing the community attempting to remedy the issue with scholarships to camps etc. and i think these are great. I hope this trend continues. However, i think at the end of the day the wealthier kids will always have an advantage but that just means you have to work harder if you are poor (this may happen in many ways, workign on debate harder or fund raising harder or having to work at Micky Ds to pay for your trip to chicago). Those are my 2 cents.
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    Congrats to Emporia for getting 4th at Colleyville. It is nice to see Kansas teams representing at national circuit teams. They are both great debaters and really deserve it.
  14. Only underground metro rails are running. So i dont think you can get to DCA on metro. Even metro buses stopped for a while. On another note i was not surprised to see Gtown beat Nova. I have thought nova was overrated for a while. Scottie Reynolds is too important in that team. He played badly they lost.
  15. After reading this thread i think something has been lost; the fact that the kids are being paid to run certain types of arguments. I see education in both defensive arguments as well as offensive and, on and off case arguments. However paying your debaters to do one type is something that should never happen. One thing is encouraging them to go outside their comfort zone but paying them is rediculous. This limits the education of the debaters. As well as discourages the them from future debate. Sure they may keep debating if they keep paying them but really the fun is taken out of the activity. I mean idk i kinda enjoyed being able to do whatever i wanted. Also back to the original post this has to be illegal at some level. Those are my 2 cents. Sorry for the length.
  16. I am not a purist at all but and i enjoyed the film for what it was. I will start off by saying the plot is terrible. Seemed at times to be a bad version of da vinci code but not as interesting or we thought out. That being said the cinematography was amazing. The camera shots through different things are very creative as well as the camera movements. The dialogue is great and the acting only supports the great dialogue. The mis en scene is academy award worthy and action scenes are all very well done. In conclusion I liked it for everything except the plot which is kinda important but in debate terms advs of everythingelse OW DA of lack of plot.
  17. 6A Shawnee Hts region: Lawrence Free state I should know 5a results since i did judge it. However, i am dumb and cannot remember.
  18. Yeah thank you so much I dont even debate anymore but this thing should work wonders in college essays.
  19. Hey i remember a while back there was a link to the "impact bible" but after searching it and looking for it i cant find it does anyone know what happened to it or know where to access it?
  20. First of all I agree with many of Danny's points. Both sides have to agree that both debate styles are equal. Though I favored the more free-style debate when i debated i also saw the educational purpose of the other style. Yes Mr. Vollen i do agree that speed reading at 300 words per minute probably did not increase my ability to convince anyone of much of anything. However I think the research learned in the security K I ran my senior year has helped me tremendously in college (I wrote 2 essays on security IR my first semester using debate sources for most if not all the paper). Both styles are very educational. That is why I think that Kansas should be a place where both styles of debate are prcaticed. That is probably the easier part to agree on. What is harder is how to preserve both styles. I am also a proponent of tournaments haveing two differnet divisions one for each style. However in recent years i have seen the support for this die (I think Mr Swanson's experince at ON is great example). Personally I think one thing that is beggingin to kill these divisions is the DCI bid system. T-high used to have one of the best Champ tournaments aroudn but now that they host a DCI Bid tournamnt they dont host hte champ style anymore considerin ghe DCI division seems to eat the champ division. That is one way the bid system hurts champ style. Another is how debaters are not willing to go to champ tournaments as much bcs they are usually smaller and usually not a DCI big. Again i reffer to the ON example. Around the time of our tournamnet i woudl tell many friends to come but lots didnt because they rather go to a bid tournament. Next I think another thing that has been left out of this conversation is how vital Nat Circuit experience is to achieving success at NFL/CFL nationals. Kansas has indeed doen very well historically at nationals and I am very proud of all those who have had this success (some of my best freinds were part of this success, Kendall, PJ, Sarah, etc) BUT I would like to remind everyone of one thing. Kansas has never won nationals. Recently teh teams winning it have been national circuit teams (Damien, Colleyville, GBN etc). I am not saying that it is neessary to be nat circuit i am jsut pointing out that it definatly does not hurt. Furthermore I do agree that the rule bannign the TOC should be lifted. It is slightly discouraging to know that even if you qualify you cant go. It definatly shows that the state wants to stay more traditional. HOwever i understand teh rules that lead to this decision (dont agree but understand) and am not willing ot argue much about it. Finally this arguement that Ks debate is falling apart seems to be done every few years or so but I doubt any real truth behind the idea. Li Hu did a thread very similar a few years back and anotehr SME debater did one as well but i dont think that much has changed besides the ToC ruling. My soph yr i think a couple teams qualified to the TOC. My Junior year i think it was 2 as well (ONW SME) then last year i think it was two if not it was nearly two (SME hutch). This year was the first year that no one did but i dont think that shows a huge problem. I like to think the state's quality is about the same as previous not significantly less or more free style. My $.01.... Im a poor college student.... Edit: I also agree with Danny about post round oral critiques. It helps when the round is freshin ones mind and helps with specific arguments.
  21. Ignore them they dont know what they are talking about. I have confidence in you... I really think this is your breakout year from one of kansas' best timekeepers to one of our best debaters.
  22. Fog of War is by far my favorite documentary and i believe anyone running any country with an army should watch it and take into account what McNamara has to say in it. Rest In Peace. Robert McNamara.
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    NFL Nats updates

    So word on the street is ON KG tied for 6th but due to a tab error got 7th. SO congrats to those people whose egos are sooo big that they started convincing other people that they are good.
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    NFL Nats updates

    ON lost to Damien but they are still in it.
  25. guillermox

    NFL Nats updates

    According to Brad Bollman SMW dropped in rd 11 ON is still in it.
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