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  1. Lamp

    Ks for Africa

    pretty much all generic k's will be back.... no suprise. cap bad, agamben, foucault, global/local, etc.
  2. what??? i was never commenting on the impact of the framers intent argument, whether it being overlimiting or ground. you are saying the framers removed the word "mandatory" because there wasn't enough lit. and einstein responded by challenging your idea of WHY they changed the resolution, because of it word "comprehensive" etc. the fact there is dispute about what the motive behind changing the resolution was proves its impossible to really determine framers intent. there is clearly some misunderstanding and thats fine.. these kinds of things are inevitable on cross-x. it's probably because i was commenting on a dispute earlier on in the thread. sorry.
  3. uhhhh not so much, that's actually what i was referring to...
  4. true, my point is things become problematic when the distinction between the two blurs and schools start trying to make people religious.
  5. religion can be good but it can be dangerous too. a lot of it i think depends on the curriculum, the way its taught, etc. for example, i know a girl who goes to a largely catholic school in Chile who is being required to protest the morning after pill despite her belief in its morality. im not trying to get into a debate about the morality of contraceptives but i just think that this is an instance in which religion in schools has gone too far.
  6. it seems like this debate ya'll are having as to what taking "mandatory" out of the resolution meant proves why framers intent isn't really a great argument because it's impossible to determine what the framers wanted. plus, who the hell cares what the framers wanted?? ok, maybe some of us do..
  7. Lamp

    Threat Con

    not really, i dont know many Poverty/Structural Violence affs that construct threats.
  8. 2 words--overlimiting bad. how many solvency advocates exist for mandatory senior corps affs?? 15 month enlistment, DADT, peace corps funding, americorps funding, the entirety of the senior corps portion of the topic...gone--this interp guts the resolution of its core ground.
  9. no aaron hardy/eric suni?? are they busy during the summer?
  10. functional competition good. PICS bad. etc.
  11. please contact me... i have a question about cites Danny Mapes danny.mapes@gmail.com OR AIM-- dmapes219 OR pm works.
  12. time suck in cross-x? double bind--either a) it's crucial enough to neg ground to ask in cross-x or it's not and you don't have to ask. plus sucking cross-x time is a goal of the game--teams are taught to ramble strategically to waste cross-x. i mean i know i was.
  13. Lamp

    TOC politics

    synergy will you be competing at the TOC? sounds like a good idea but i agree with everyone else, $75 = too much because i rationalize it like this... this T/F consists of 3 or 4 disads... each T/F is usually 2 disads and is $10....
  14. David Campbell, professor of international politics at the University of Newcastle, Moral Spaces: Rethinking Ethics and World Politics, ed. by Campbell and Shapiro, 1999, p. 38 In these terms, proximity could also signify the closeness of culture, the priority of time over space. But on other occasions the spatial dimension is there, notably when the third party enters. "In proximity a subject is implicated in a way not reducible to the spatial sense which proximity takes on when the third party troubles it by demanding justice.” Indeed, the major problem with the entry of the third party is that the disturbance of responsibility in the one-to-one relationship it creates requires justice. As Levinas argues, "f there were only two people in the world, there would be no need for law courts because I would always be responsible for and before, the other." The justice required is, according to Levinas, a justice of laws, and courts, and institutions, which means that as soon as the third party enters, "the ethical relationship with the other becomes political and enters into a totalizing discourse of ontology." Moreover, the spatial dimension foregrounded by the third party's disturbance and the resultant need for justice is associated with the state. "Who is closest to me? Who is the Other?.. . We must investigate carefully. Legal justice is required. There is need for a state." Equally, in Otherwise Than Being, Levinas writes that "a problem is posited by proximity itself, which, as the immediate itself, is without problems. The extraordinary commitment of the other to the third party calls for control, a search for justice, society and the State.” Indeed,Levinas has an approving view of the state, regarding it as "the highest achievement in the lives of western peoples,” something perhaps attributable to his contestable interpretation of the legitimacy of the state of Israel.
  15. what about KU BJ as far as seeding goes?
  16. what does that have to do with the original question?? start a new thread instead of killing this one.
  17. whether or not you should go to camp i think largely depends on what you want out of debate.
  18. cool--just thought i'd clarify so people aren't mislead by the above suggestion that you should just cut the rayburn article instead of buying the file.
  19. are all of the cards from this file from the rayburn article?
  20. if you say nuke war = structural violence in the 2ac after reading like a hege key to stop nuke war impact, then you are begging to lose on Kato.
  21. which securitization K uses petro as their impact???
  22. Lamp

    KCKCC Results Packet

    is that an unreasonable request? look at my original request--i asked for 1-25 and was given 1-20
  23. i applied Danny Mapes--Shawnee Mission East 1A/2N
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