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  1. Wouldn't that mean your alternative empirically fails and is impossible???
  2. Lamp

    Biopower good

    see now you're justifying your methodology which is what the nooch said you weren't doing all along. his argument is just to win your impacts you have to win your methodology. your argument is changing, fortunately for the better. but fyi, predictions good alone won't win you the impact turns. you need to win the criteria you use to predict is good, which is what nooch was talking about above. i think you're misunderstanding the argument about methodology, it doesn't really have much to do with "absolute truth" just that the way you treat the problem a) can't solve the problem causes the problem.
  3. Lamp

    Biopower good

    i think that hardt and negri card is defense against the aff's impacts. probably a bad idea to read it.
  4. Lamp

    Navy Aff

    I really think you're underestimating how good the A2: Kagan/Ferguson/etc are.... FYI: They are pretty damn good. Sorrry, that's just my 2 cents.
  5. You and I will have to agree to disagree then.
  6. not surprising considering Will was in the same class in high school as Todd Martin. but wow, sounds like a great tournament. i'm jealous of all who went.
  7. Sean Kennedy is going to KU and so is Matt Summers. Not sure about Owens, I'll ask him tomorrow.
  8. Lamp

    [AFF] Global Warming

    lol, i know. that was the point of my post.
  9. i'll be at scholars for the last 2 weeks. Danny Mapes Shawnee Mission East 1A/2N
  10. Lamp


    that's the point--the judge is voting for contingency but the judge is also voting to refuse the aff (which is a stable advocacy of the neg's)
  11. Lamp


    uh, what? i thought whatever being was a being that cast off all qualifications that are thrown upon them. it's not a question of how they would resist the nazi's etc. in fact, that's probably not what agamben would say at all because the idea that "whatever being is a political activist!" places qualifications on their being. the argument is that things like the holocaust would be impossible because it would be impossible to differentiate between the "superior" and the "inferior" based upon particular qualities because whatever being casts them aside. it's like in the end of V for Vendetta, when all of the people are marching and they are all dressed up as Guy Fawkes. but then again, it's probably a bad idea to make predictions about "what whatever being would look like" because there is no stable definition and to try to define it would place qualifications on their being.
  12. Lamp

    [AFF] Global Warming

    yup, solvency turns mean you are "anti-topical." game over.
  13. as far as looking to the success of debaters coming out of the camps, i'd have to point to miami. this year, eli jacobs (7 bids), alex parkinson (3 bids), ovais inamullah (7 bids)--all went to miami scholars the prior year abe corrigan (TOC finalist), eli jacobs (quarterfinalist), kurt woolford (2 bids)--all went to miami scholars.
  14. For anyone really looking to improve, I would recommend going to Miami (Ohio). There the lab leaders are really focused on emphasizing individual improvement. You won't find yourself merely in a computer lab cutting lexis articles. Miami also has a history of producing highly successful Kansas debaters such as Kurt Woolford from Witchita East and Alex Parkinson from Olathe Northwest. I know that both my partner and I will be there. For more information check out the website-- http://miamidebate.blogspot.com/
  16. i had a change of plans Miami 5-Week Senior Scholars then Whitman Senior Scholars for 2 weeks.
  17. i'm going to Senior Scholars Danny Mapes Shawnee Mission East 1A/2N
  18. Lamp

    NDT results

    when is round 5 scheduled for?
  19. i.e. future fiat inevitable
  20. Anyone have these? Willing to trade. PM AIM - dmapes219 E-mail - danny.mapes@gmail.com Thanks
  21. Lamp

    DADT strategy

    seems like this would provide no check against tyranny of the majority
  22. SME will, as usual, have a lot of teams debating next year.
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