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  1. What are the best responses to the argument that counterplans must be both textually and functionally competitive?


    It really depends on the counterplan you are running -- a good general rule is that if that interpretation excludes the CP you are running, you can just say that that kind of CP is good.


    For example, if this interpretation excludes your Consult CP, then all of your reasons why Consult CP's are good are offense vs. it.


    Of course, this is probably not enough, but just a thought.

  2. almost all of the arguments against the 500 mile restriction have been flushed out in this thread



    instead of people giving reasons why kansas debaters can survive the 500 mile rule, can someone please give me a reason why it is actually GOOD?


    as far as the argument,



    Sometimes you just have to play the hand you're dealt.



    why this is a reason not to make structural changes is absolutely beyond me. this would literally justify not ever making progress. to use hyperbole, this would justify telling slaves or women in the 1800's, that they should just have to suck it up.


    debaters should be allowed to get what they want out of an activity. the bottom line is the 500 mile rule limiting many debaters from getting what they want out of the activity.


    and, i know this post is really brief, but i don't feel like repeating myself. almost all of the best arguments (sarah's brain drain argument, etc) are in the other thread that i referred to.

  3. yeah i know. but we didn't run space, we broke a brand new aff at cfl quals. and ldog said we ran space against him. we switched back to space for nfl, then had yet another new aff at dci, and then another new one for state. so the only tournament ldog could be talking about if we really debated each other in december is the nfl qualifier. and i'm pretty sure we only space'd against kendall and guillermo, because we terrorble'd BVNW and a BV team, and LSA'd a different team. i don't think he can be right because i distinctly remember making tom promise me not to let me run space at cfl quals no matter how much i wanted to because it was my baby but we had to test the waters with the other aff. our cfl aff rounds were emporia's b team with LSA in a lay round, then we squeaked by BVN with terrorble, and then lathrop judged us against one of the shawnee mission teams.. maybe SMW or SMS? but i'm pretty sure that wasn't a space round



  4. Why? This is stupid... "champ" divisions do not preclude that a team in open can or cannot use contemporary strategies... I say collapse eveything but novice and just F****** adapt. That's debate.



    debate is a game. people should be allowed to play however they want. someone who joins track isn't told they have to do shotput and longjump and just to deal with it.

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