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  1. i runnned it at JEDI and had some + from the indo pak rreellaattiionsss ADVANTANANE.



    how did it help you? because my partner and i were thinking taking that out because of its length. how did the brazil relations work for you?

  2. i ran this at camp..... ok here are some possibilites that i would recommend:


    1. you HAVE to run a cp to this.... its just begging for it

    2. CRT links really well to it so you could opt to that too

    3. CLS?

    4. ahhhh, agamben!!

    5. court legitimacy as time skew that could turn into something strategic

    6. and if u really want to piss them off lol.... 9-0 decision cp

  3. Agamben's looking like it links pretty hard to the this topic. With the state of exception just having come out in English and essentially naming Gitmo as a manifestation of it, it'll be common. What are some of the good answers everyone has come up with?



    i have some agamben answers that i am willing to trade for any critical aff

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