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  1. couldnt someone just spec that in their plan text to spike out of it?
  2. the easterbrook evidence and other cards specifying a quanitity of people and not extinction are just BEGGING for spark to be run on them...
  3. I have the wake one and i am looking for any otheres. I have a lot of files that i am willing to trade. Hit me up at Dmapes219 or PM me
  4. Lamp


    how did it help you? because my partner and i were thinking taking that out because of its length. how did the brazil relations work for you?
  5. I was wondering which was the team that consult aliens..... could i get a copy of that too?
  6. i ran this at camp..... ok here are some possibilites that i would recommend: 1. you HAVE to run a cp to this.... its just begging for it 2. CRT links really well to it so you could opt to that too 3. CLS? 4. ahhhh, agamben!! 5. court legitimacy as time skew that could turn into something strategic 6. and if u really want to piss them off lol.... 9-0 decision cp
  7. the Sid-Ahmed terrorism card is easily th best terrorism impact card.
  8. Lamp

    Lacan Trading

    Hey i have 2 lacan files. my sn is Dmapes 219.
  9. Lamp


    JDI and SDI put this case out. What does everyone think of it? My partner wants to run it and I am fairly skeptical.... Has anyone debated with it and what were some args that you lost or won on?
  10. if you debated there last year either post on here to contact me or IM me at Dmapes219.... i have some questions about one of the teams strategies. Thanks.
  11. a fairly good argument is the russia turn saying a strong nato threatens russia and this goes nuclear
  12. Lamp

    Space Aff

    ok, 1. where can i get a copy of this aff? lol and 2. where the hell can i find this consult mars ev? IM me at Dmapes219
  13. hey if anyone has the extraordinary rendition file from SDI i would be willing to swap anything for it... my sn is Dmapes219 so IM me about that
  14. foucault writes good biopower stuff. you might want to look into the book Discipline and Punish by him.
  15. Lamp


    hey i have multiple copies of NAGPRA. I am willing to trade, especially if you have a rendition aff.
  16. that is the dumbest idea... u would get ur shit tossed by pics
  17. Lamp

    Agamben Answers

    i have some agamben answers that i am willing to trade for any critical aff
  18. I have the whole China Soft Power DA file, i'm willing to swap.
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