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  1. lol what? you're telling me it's called "abuse" when a 2ac spends a bunch of time of kritiks or DAs that link to an unconditional counterplan? that's not abuse, that's stupidity.
  2. anyone have any ideas for dates yet?
  3. although i appreciate it, i think the best T debater is hands down Mike Owens. every neg round at Omaha-Westside was picked up courtesy of 8 minutes of sheer ballin on the T flow by Mike. also, Prettiest Speaker- Weiner. Excellent speaker. unfortunately, i don't think have enough experience to comment on any others, but John C you are clearly being modest in naming Sean as the best K debater, while i will admit he's daaaamn good at it, bro, you haven't lost a round all year on Nietzsche, including some big wins (beating Woodlands LM) on it. Congrats and thanks a lot.
  4. 3 words........ perm- do both not competitive.
  5. discrimination, rape, patriarchy, readiness are a few.
  6. Cody answered this. i'm not going to waste my time repeating what he said. no offense but i found these arguments particularly embarassing for you. sure, i know what adventurism is. but, i think the question is, do you know what a specific link is? The fact the military costs money is not an argument. That doesnt mean the plan will spend enough to collapse the entire economy. and i think both of this disads are in pretty rough shape considering the Army increased their end strength with the 2007 Defense Authorization Act. Means the disads are non-unique and empirically denied. But i think the specificity of the evidence as far as the aff link turns will be the coup de grace for you if this is your strategy. Your generic cards aren't very persuasive vs. their evidence discussing how if women are allowed in combat they will gain more authority to speak out against military invasions because people will combat experience are generally regarded as the experts. This is answered above. Plus, the affirmative would most likely argue that the status quo is much worse- we should engage structures to change them. If we just stopped trying to change the military, it would probably just continue to get more violent and more violent. This is at least a logical argument you make, and i may agree with you, but i completely disagree with you about the quality of evidence. Authors who are against women in combat? Congratulations, Phyllis Schafly wrote some unwarranted trash about how women belong in the kitchen, but there are also shelves of books written about the glass ceiling that is placed above womens heads that prevents them from advancing in the military and in society because of the combat exclusion. So at the end of the day, when answering the question "Is WIC an awful case?". I say, Amazing? Probably not. Awful? No. The fact this aff links to a few disads and is effectually topical is not a reason to dismiss it as awful.
  7. i'm just going to say that i'm not convinced a women in combat aff w/ discrimination and patriarchy advantages etc. is very good- but i will say that people are too quick to discredit it and i'm also not even close to convinced by this discussion so far that it is a BAD aff i'm not really going to answer this- whether or not fx t is legit or not is a huge debate that i dont feel like dedicating any more time to than i have to. but i would expect whoever is reading this affirmative will most likely be ready to go on that debate. furthermore, this argument is very good in the context of this threads discussion- the question is whether or not WIC is an "Awful case"- if you are planning on discrediting every affirmative on this topic as "awful" because it is effectually topical, then you aren't left which very much. this is a particularly bad argument- just because everywhere in iraq is a combat zone, doesn't mean there aren't still laws prohibiting women from participating in combat- if anything, this argument proves how ridiculous that prohibition is because women are in combat zones in the status quo- but its illegal and the subordination that comes from the law and the inability to use their combat experience in places like congress etc. continues- means only risk of offense is for the aff i'm kind of curious as to how allowing women in combat results in adventurism? or spends enough money to COLLAPSE THE ECONOMY? while, you may have your links that doesnt mean the link turn literature doesn't exist or doesnt provide for equally as good of cards. still, none of these disads prove why women in combat is an "awful" case- give me a break- just because an aff spends money doesnt mean it is awful. sure, but if the aff wins they solve some and that the starting point for political discussions should be with patriarchy- then that argument doesn't matter.
  8. you're probably wrong about that. however if arguing space mil bad you need to be really prepared to answer the argument that space mil is inevitable- a cp can work well here.
  9. actually in the gorham service learning article that most read, there is a section subtitled "Critique of Service Learning" in which we directly quotes Foucault. check it out.
  10. Lamp

    Lawrence Dec 1-2

    SME is sending a few teams.
  11. Lamp


    Groves def Shawnee Mission East' Caddo GG def Marquette who got speaker awards
  12. Lamp


    Shawnee Mission East is sending 3 teams.
  13. what went down in this round
  14. Lamp


    it's called the Business Cycle and it probably won't lead to extinction.
  15. Lamp


    could you reupload this link please? i would really appreciate it.
  16. Lamp

    Upload Grab Bag

    thanks, this is all much appreciated.
  17. i don't think this is true. establishing textual competition is to look solely at the text of the plan vs. the text of the cp. if the text of the plan does not take a stance on a certain issue and the CP excludes that then it isn't textually competitive. however, the difference with functional competition is that you compare the advocacies of the plan vs. the CP to establish if it competes or not.
  18. Lamp

    New Trier

    additionally, while this has been a constant problem with this website, i think it is important to keep this types of opinions to yourself. Zack Beauchamp had a pretty convincing post a while back on a different thread. people debating are not sports stars. they aren't used to constantly being ranked and being told they are inferior. please at least have respect and don't publicize these opinions because it can actually hurt someones feelings. and saying these debaters are necessarily BETTER may not even be true. i'm not going to rank but i can tell you that all of the above debaters probably couldn't do what they do without their partners.
  19. Lamp


    i think shock's idea that the school should just either a) not have a wireless network or if they do, turn it off. it seems like this would solve the problem of cheating. maybe i'm wrong, just throwing that out, because i would love to see laptops allowed. -Danny
  20. that doesnt make much sense with a draft aff- they can read 2 cards internal link turning your argument --- Draft Solves Hege/Overstretch and that solves extinction and then they can kick their disads and stick you with extinction good. and they get 13 minutes of the block to rail you on that debate.
  21. limiting 2ac responses to that is not very strategic. if you are planning on making those arguments you need to supplement it by controlling the philosophical lens from which to view the debate round. i.e. if they win realism is inevitable or best and then all your arguments are pretty moot.
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  23. Lamp

    Wichita East 10/13-14

    Sounds interesting. What will judging be like?
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