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  1. 9.00 USD

    Comprehensive Kritik Answers

    Table of Contents
    If you do not feel comfortable when the 1NC includes a kritik, then this file is for you.It is OVER 100 pages of evidence, for UNDER $10, including broad 2AC strategies as well as NEW kritik busters, not old re-hashed summer camp cards. Here are some lines from cards:A2: Discourse Shapes Reality" In fact, as the counterexamples indicate, such linguistic structures such as gender determine little about thought and nothing about the world."A2: Nietzsche"Nietzsche, of course, thought the strong can and should disengage their sympathies from the suffering of the weak. I think this is a mistake. One's world is impoverished by such disengagement of sympathies."Here is one of the MANY pre-written extensions in the file:"1AR – Extend [Author/Date*] - it is an indictment of the ontology of the alternative - it is historically inaccurate and cannot be divorced from nationalistic ideological propaganda - Heidegger’s differentiation between Roman and Greek culture is rooted in the question of whether or not will-to-power is a valid German ideal"The evidence in this file is battle-tested and is of the highest quality.*Omitted for Preview

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  2. 4.00 USD

    Kritik of Nuclear Euphemisms

    Table of Contents
    This file is a criticism of using euphemisms to describe nuclear occurrences. It includes several modules for difference phrases that might be used. A simple, generic K which is an absolute must have to protect yourself against the proliferation of new, unpredictable affirmatives, especially at the beginning of the season. I have included comprehensive frontlines to the most common affirmative answers and have thrown in a piece of affirmative evidence at the end.You will not be disappointed with the quality of evidence in this file. It is exceptional.Lastly, the file is in MS Word formatting for your convenience.

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