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  1. BKearin

    Mundt Bowl XLI

    I think I might show up
  2. *laughs* You mentioned Rhino's duty...
  3. I'm Brett Kearin! I want a pop! I want a pop! Note: it's Kearin....not Kearnin, the preferred Grimsley spelling.
  4. Alex Baldwin, you've now been elected twice. In terms of great men, you've now reached the ranks of George W. Bush and you're slightly ahead of James Polk! All hail our fearless leader Alex Baldwin. I conform to your every demand.
  5. BKearin


    I want YOU At the 40th Annual Karl E. Mundt Tournament
  6. BKearin


    So I'm exicted for Mundt and the idea of an electronic/paperless ballot. I hope everyone else is too. So what are the thoughts out there? Do you like the idea? Dislike? Have some fears? If so, what are they? Let me know, I'm real interested in feedback. Oh, and in case you are new to Cross-x.com, ignore whatever Matt Paulson says. No hack exists. And even if it did, it wouldn't be a hack. I'm embarrassed that a DSU student such as Matt would have such a poor vocabulary. I want YOU At the 40th Annual Karl E. Mundt Tournament
  7. BKearin


    So does this mean that your stance on life is that he (or she) who has the greatest wealth, measured in monetary form, is the biggest winner?
  8. I told you all last year at Bell he had reached the top end of the market and the SD circuit should kidnap him and sell him so we can give away some really cool, expensive trophy at State. Instead we had to settle for that mess that was given away at McGovern.
  9. BKearin


    What's your point Baldwin? I've noticed a large increase in the looks I get from the ladies after Paul talked me into going plaid.
  10. BKearin


    Because of that, I now formally support cheese. You are now under my protection. Maybe next time, you too will think twice.
  11. Perhaps you should read my post again then. What I said is that since it is such a widely accepted practice and coached practiced, I'm not going to push the issue. I don't believe there is much to be gained for you by me holding out on a something that is such a minor issue. It's like new in the 2. If we just have a blanket uniform standard on that throughout the state, it makes coaching easier and it makes it easier for you debaters also. I see the benifits of that uniformity, therefore I'm willing to change. If I was coaching, I would not encourage my debaters to use this type of debate. However, that doesn't give me the right to tell another coach that what he or she is doing is wrong. We have that respect towards on another not to question another's coaching style. The reason I wrote the e-mail was not to kiss ass, it was simply to let the coaching staff at Aberdeen to know what I will do in the future. After this weekend, they were under the impression that I won't allow that during a round. I've decided against that. I should let them know that. Bierboy, I know why it's used, and I understand the reasoning behind it. But I just believe that a speaker should go up fully prepared. I know it can be tough, and there is probably no harder speech in debate than the 1AR. But I also know it can be done. But, as you said, for the sake of debate, and as I explained above, I'm not going to push the issue because it's so small and so minor.
  12. Really? I don't allow debater to use prep time or talk to each other during the round? I simply do not feel a debater should have to be depent on their teammate to give them an argument and that they should be fully prepared when they step up to speak in front of me. There are many things in debate that have a potential educational benifit, such as discloser. But we choose to dis-encourage that due other educational benifits and time. I'm not a fan of discloser, however I think if a NEG team is going to ask AFF to disclose then they should be prepared to do the same thing.
  13. 1) Any good debater doesn't need 15 minutes 2) Any good AFF team can put together an intelligent argument against the NEG given 15 minutes. Aren't we then increasing education even more? Perhaps then the AFF won't have to give a generic (since generic is not good for education) responses they already have written in their files.
  14. Because the NEG doesn't have infinite amount of time to prepare DA's, counterplans, T's, solvency blocks, etc.?
  15. BKearin


    When it's all said and over with, I want to see pictures.
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