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  1. What is the date of the GDS tournament?
  2. Sara (slcathena) got called a vegiterrible at a barbeque place in Texas at nationals.
  3. nickwilkerson


    Debate is not primarily an educational activity. The education received is just an unintended consequence. Debate is about competition and strategy. A clear set of rules as enforced by a qualified judge is the only way to maintain the fairness of the activity that allows it to be a competitive and strategic activity.
  4. I had one lay judge at Berkeley and 7 good ones.
  5. Why the hell is there a forum about Louisiana debate and the words Caddo Parish Magnet Highschool have not been mentioned yet?
  6. If we are going to put a bid tournament in Pocatello, we have to put one in Battle Mountain, Nevada. It has a similar climate to Pocatello. It is about as close to civilization as Pocatello. Meadows could show up and a ton of Utah schools and a ton of California schools. It is close to Idaho and Oregon... not to mention it was voted "Armpit of America" by the Washington Post.
  7. Everyone should pay in proportion to their income. It is rediculous that the top 3% of income earners pay 30% of the taxes in this nation and the top 10% pay 70% of the taxes in this nation. Either create a flat tax or give weight citizens' votes according to the amount of taxes they pay because the people paying the taxes should be the one who decide how they are spent.
  8. By coach was called a vegiterrible at nationals in Texas.
  9. I was simply pointing out the assininity of putting a bid tournament in Pocatello Idaho.
  10. 4 tubs. 1 with expandos. 1 with counterplans and kritiks. 1 with good/bad files and das. 1 with case negs and theory.
  11. How about in "pick" and "head". Learn to read.
  12. How dare you soil the great policy by comparing it to these lesser events?
  13. deBues you only care because you cut shitty evidence (or none at all as was the case last year at 7 Week).
  14. The question was never satisfactorally answered until post 36 of this forum.
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