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  1. Still hunting for a Policy or LD bid? The Westside Warrior Invitational offers one of the most cost effective options for paving your way to the TOC. Our new head coach, Mikayla Baker, has spearheaded several improvements to the tournament including scheduling, new concessions, etc. Register now to request free housing with Westside students. LD and Policy bids are at the finals level. Tournament is January 9th-11th. The invite can be found here: http://www.joyoftournaments.com/ne/westside/info.asp?p=1 Or you can reach out to me! Interested in judging? Contact me!
  2. Huge congrats to all the Millard South boys! Also to the Southwest and Millard West debaters that spent the weekend in Kentucky. Way to represent; wish I could have watched some rounds.
  3. I would suggest not trying to pay your assistant coach by the hour. I'm on a stipend and have to coach multiple events, but I make about $2000 a year. Nebraska is notorious for exploiting what was referenced above, that college kids will work for next to nothing. That's ultimately why I wouldn't advise trying to figure it out by hour. We tried to figure out how much I'm paid by the hour by spreading out my stipend and it's somewhere around 32 cents an hour between tournaments, coaching, and research. There are two other ways that NE assistants get paid. First is by jacking the judging payments. A lot of assistants are just paid $125-150 per tournament, which is about $50 more than the average judge makes. Second, there are some assistants who get paid the regular amount for judging and get paid a stipend. This fixes the timing issue that was discussed above. The assistant receives the smallish stipend monthly beyond the limits of the season and gets judging checks while the season goes on. All this being said, assistant coaches are often invaluable. I wouldn't recommend paying your assistant what I get paid, cost of living differences etc. On one last note, holla to theinstigator and Denver University. They are hosting the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence (I'm sitting outside of a round as we speak) even though they don't field a parli team.
  4. I don't coach policy anywhere with an active wiki so this really doesn't matter to me. I largely support wikis. However, you realize the impact of this framework (which I've had the "pleasure" of reading on an NFA LD Wiki) is that the wiki is best for small schools. Forcing people into the wiki is counterproductive. Sometimes, you have to let evolution occur on its own. Forcing schools to lose because of the wiki that you say is for their benefit on create animosity. Debate existed before wikis, so if you have to debate a round that you aren't totally prepared for, you'll survive. Just relax. You are right, wikis will benefit argumentation and small schools. Be patient and let them realize that on their own.
  5. I tried to positive rep this but it wouldn't let me, so I'll just neg rep the ginger.
  6. According to Fred, Millard North is hiring two LD judges. In other news, what are the novice limits for this semester in terms of counterplans and kritiks?
  7. Also to Millard West, Kirstin and Yen, for making it to quarterfinals!
  8. Does anyone need a judge for Cedar Rapids?
  9. Happy 6th Birthday Ben!
  10. Minor repair has undoubtedly fallen out of grace in most circuits, but still exists. In some form, I've seen minor repair arguments run in Kansas for example. It's also still quite common in college parli and LD. It's interesting as being essentially the opposite of effects topicality. Instead of plan explodes ground uncontrollably, minor repair asserts that the fashion in which the affirmative parametricizes to a case that is unpredictably small. I've got the evidence and shells if you want them Jamie.
  11. I'm from a Midwestern, it's not a meal if there's no meat, family as well. I actually make the trek to KC about once a month specifically because they have some great vegetarian restaurants that we simply don't have in NE. Iron-do be careful about your iron intake. If you don't eat a lot of dark green veggies (broccoli, spinach, etc.), you may want to consider a supplement. Flintstones vitamins have a kids vitamin with iron in it that I used to take. Being a vegetarian in a meat-eating family is just a matter of planning and will-power. I do a lot of cooking on my own, keep vegetarian chili in the fridge for when someone else is making dinner, etc. Do be careful, especially when you go to college, about what is in your diet. A lot of vegetarians tend to begin to eat a lot of processed foods and junk foods.
  12. Is there someone to contact from the tournament to get hired through the tournament? Even better, however, I am also available to judge the entire tournament and won't need housing if teams are still trying to fill judging positions.
  13. Congrats MS on finally getting the at-large bid.
  14. Homeless Hooker

  15. I wouldn't be surprised if I catch some hell for this, but I think there are some much more basic ways to make policy a more acceptable risk to coaches. Simple things like encouraging competitors to dress up helps to encourage a more professional image appealing to coaches who look at their teams as professional training grounds. Making the circuit more friendly. I know that in a lot of ways, the circuit is very supportive, but at the same time, it isn't. I'm just as guilty as others at this, but take Fremont for example. They've stuck with policy regardless of win-loss record and it certainly isn't because everyone is so supportive. These are simple things to remedy. The college program idea sounds great but offers only effectual solvency. It'd be awesome to have a NDT college in NE or even larger NFA schools, but ultimately, it's more beneficial to funnel that time and energy to the high school circuit. Finally, I'm sure that the problems that I continue to identify seem superficial, but it's because the problems coaches have are largely superficial. The successful Lincoln teams don't have policy for reasons that DO NOT include lack of assist coaches or offers from college kids to help out. The head coach has to be sold on the policy circuit's stability. If they continue to think that students are stealing from rooms or sending smoke signals with the pack of cigarettes they smoke each hour, they won't bother adding that to their teams. Things like the NDI coaches sessions are great and helpful in this way, but I also think the change will take place over the long term.
  16. Ian and I agree on something...here's the proof that the world is ending.
  17. There are already efforts in place to start and restart programs in Lincoln. You have all done a great job of identifying hurtles that must be dealt with and it's great to see this kind of support. There are some problems that you are all underestimating. Warning: Do not shoot the messenger. Decorum is a major issue to several squads, perhaps especially the Lincoln squads that you have all identified. Policy in Nebraska and nationally has a reputation for sloppy dressing and antics at tournaments. When things disappear at tournaments, they are almost universally out of policy rooms. Rounds about "shit" don't fit well in to teams that are stocked with debaters in black suits. I realize that this reputation is unfair in many ways. For the most part, coaches do too. However, if you coached one of the largest debate programs in the state, consistently field successful LDer and PFers, rely on "looking good" for your funding (both private and from the school), and have no "discipline" problems on the team, would you really want to take the chance with policy? What is the motivation for adding an event that you know will take away successful debaters from other events? To step back from my cynicism for a moment, I've recognized the hesitation to add policy to debate programs is not adamant refusal. Assuming the stars align properly, East will be attempting to field policy teams next season. Another shortfall is the lack of debate classes. Coaching policy is particularly hard when assistants can only make it in once or twice a week and kids can only stay for an hour. I've yet to figure out how to work around this, but it's another reason for you all to have patience. Further, I'm slowly coming to appreciate the diversity of argumentation found on the Nebraska circuit. While I think it makes the event more intimidating, it also adds intrigue and uniqueness that will be essential to the event's success.
  18. Wilcox made the effort to ensure that I read this and as a result, you should hope that I don't judge next year. I have no idea how Royers figured out the intricacies of my paradigm, but kudos. However, Snelling, your inability to adapt will doubtlessly lose you rounds. I'm of course mostly kidding.
  19. If you do happen to be SLP as in the LD school, yes, East is traditionally a good LD tournament. Not so much policy. In years past, SLP has brought LDers. Also, SLP owes East around $600. It'd be nice to have that sometime.
  20. Would anyone be willing to post or send me gap inherency bad analysis or evidence or whatever you happen to have? Thanks.
  21. I am also looking to get hired. Really, I just want to get paid enough to pay for my food. Email me at cjpersell at gmail.com
  22. Quoted for the lovely spelling and general bigotry.
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