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  1. Oh so you judge for free then? By all means, hire this guy before me.
  2. I will also cut quality evidence under any topic for your school for an additional, miniscule fee. I will also know many of the judges and will be able to help your school fill out a strike sheet if need be.
  3. Hello! I'm Chip Stuart. I would like to offer my services as a judge. I am two years out. I debated for three years in the Washington area and nationally in high school with pretty successful seasons. This would be my second year judging the GMU tournament, meaning I know all the ins and outs. While I no longer debate in college, I have worked for two years as a Miami Debate Institute R.A. and am fairly knowledgable of the topic. Being an intellectual with well rounded knowledge of the activity, I promise to represent your school as a judge in the most respectful manner possible, providing all debaters in rounds with constructive inputs on ways to further improve their abilities while also pointing out what they did right so they may capitalize on such planks in future debate rounds. My philosophy as a Judge is to use the ballot not only to select a winner but also to positively enhance the debater's knowledge of self, debate, and the world around them. Being as I am a starving college student, all hiring fees are negotiable. If you are traveling to the area, I will already have a place to stay which will cut costs for your team. I can also efficiently judge other forensic events. Additionally, Steven Imus, five years out, also offers his services and while I cannot efficiently give a description of his resume, I can promise he is sufficient in policy debate knowledge and specializes in Kritiks. We are both open for hire. My email is stuartcf@muohio.edu and my phone number is 301-910-3334. Hope to hear from you soon, Chip Stuart
  4. loose the sense of taste. then i could really make an honest buck would you rather get run over by a car or have sex with a monkey?
  5. i love the shower scene.
  6. not likely. someone would have to submit the case to somebody and they would know who was running it. everyone in the debate community has allegiances or friend they would like to help out. debate people are sketchy and do what they can for an edge. a select few would know who was running what and that wouldnt be very fair. so like, poop.
  7. this thread is rediculous like ducks with syphilus i
  8. sweet foods would you rather cross the line 12 times and make a buck or two selling the two xero eight or fly the sky towards something impossible? i expect a well thought out explananaanananaation for your answer
  9. which friends of mine are judging?
  10. snowball fight that yeti. he's a little bitch. i've already beaten him twice, really. would you rather own a ball that could bounce to the moon and you could take it places and bounce place or own a television set that could fly and fight crime?
  11. I created a thread about this but I am open for hire if anyone wants it. email: stuartcf@muohio.edu email: cstuart07@yahoo.com cell: 301 910 3334
  12. So it looks like the Heights probably will not be going to the GMU tournament this year so if anyone needs a judge, I'm open for hire. I've judged a bunch of debates on the topic and I know it pretty well. I could also do work for anyone that is interested. Contact me. Email: stuartcf@muohio.edu Secondary: cstuart07@yahoo.com Cell: 301 910 3334 Hope to be working for you soon, Chip Stuart
  13. From what I hear, the Heights will be sending several teams who plan on winning.
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