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  1. Wait, who runs "draft good?" I'll just run my aff this year (ban the draft) as a three-minute CP with the advantages as the net bens.
  2. I used Nye/Soft Power in a practice SAT essay that we did. I also use my civlibs knowledge this year a lot in class discussions, with some UN stuff. I've never really gotten a chance to do some serious application of critiques, though. But I'm thinking about doing CLS for my IB Extended Essay.
  3. Wait, when did I agree to this? Was it the fact of my having been born? Because I'm pretty sure that wasn't a conscious decision. And I'm also sure Montesqieu wants his philosophy back, dumbass. That exact same argument has been used by conservatives to shun condoms. And we all know how well that's turning out. That's ridiculously stupid. The reason Roe v. Wade is considered an important civil liberties issue is because the ban on abortion represents the government impeding on a citizen's right to make decisions about their own body. Males aren't forced to do anything (physically, that is) during childbearing, thus their wishes can't legally change or override the woman's decision, because it's still her body, and thus her choice. It really doesn't matter. At all. You're right that sex gives a risk of pregnancy, and the people should have known that in advance. But this case is to figure out whether or not the guy should have to pay for the consequences of his actions ("paying" in a financial sense). The point is that women don't and men do - that is, women have the choice of abortion or adoption, while men can only hope their partner chooses abortion, or else are forced into mandatory child support. If we assume that women's choice is legal (as even detractions of abortion admit it is, in the form of adoption) then men should be given an equal choice to opt out of their responsibility for a child. Here's a possible solution: if the woman wants to give it up, problem solved (or the father can adopt the child, if he wants it). If the woman wants it, but not the man, he can say so, and she can reconsider her decision as to whether she wants to keep the child. If the woman wants to keep it, and the man is willing to support the child (out of guilt, responsibility, etc) but doesn't want to get married, he can sign a legally binding contract to support the child, in order to prevent him from reneging. If both people want the child, they can share visitation rights etc - basically the status quo system. In this system, both people have the choice of responsibility, and both can make their own decisions without this rampant anti-male sexism. Or, according to this logic, we could force both parents to "accept responsibility" (which everyone knows is the duty of the state to regulate, instead of the society the parents live in) by outlawing abortion and adoption, forcing both parents to get married, and criminalizing premarital sex. All the while, we actually encourage wholesale abandonment of "accident" babies because of the negative consequences the state has associated with unwanted pregnancies. I'm sure the few who survive the dumpsters, lakes, and gutters will have a great life becoming the country's next gang problem. This is a problem that can be solved by other means, though - government-funded programs for single mothers, like super-cheap daycare and even larger tax breaks. There's no reason why the taxpayers can't support programs like this, and there's no reason why the fathers should have to. And, as a pre-empt: I know that that's like forcing an unwanted burden on society, but nobody wants to pay for inmates' housing either; they're just as much a burden on soceity, yet we still pay for them. Besides, the same thing goes for adoption, too. Why don't the parents have to pay for their childs' welfare when they're sent to state orphanages? Agreed. While I don't find referencing the Roe decision here inappropriate or offensive, I don't think it's accurate at all.
  4. Hey, if they didn't make the argument, why vote for it? I mean, you don't intrinisically "know" that new in the 1AR is bad; it's up to the debaters to make that arg. If they don't, it's their own fault. Otherwise it's interventionism.
  5. How about "The Global War on Terror" aka "National Security"?
  6. Russell's school was going to make him pay. To use rooms in the school that he coaches at. In order to do the job that he is paid for. Holy capitalism, Batman !
  7. Yeah, I should try that strategy for some of the insane lay judges we have lying around. Instead of reading a 1AC, I read 8 minutes of Fred Phelps sermons. I bet I get 30 speaks.
  8. Huh. I can't get that video to play - I downloaded the codecand tried it in both IE and FireFox.
  9. Everytime I think the PNW can't get any more homosexual, *BOOM* IT HITS ME! Like 20 fat, sweaty bikers sodomizing each other with salami! Err... not that there's anything wrong that...
  10. If we can get all the major schools, there will be more than enough to break to quarters.
  11. I hate to break it to you, but most people still can't explain natural phenomon like lightning, volcanos, etc.
  12. Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
  13. The Simpsons and The Twilight Zone. I would say The Boondocks, but it hasn't stood the test of time yet.
  14. Would you describe your reign here more as "benevolant philosopher-king" or "despot"?
  15. Oregon Speech & Debate Championships Hosted by Portland State University May 12-13, 2006 Dear Coach: You are cordially invited to attend the Oregon Speech & Debate Championships. Our intention is to offer the highest quality of forensics competition and most pleasant tournament experience possible. We will provide the amenities and organization commensurate with the best of Oregon forensics at a minimum cost. Our aim is to provide a relaxing atmosphere, free from undue stress or worry, to allow coaches and competitors to be at their best. Therefore, we are proud to revive two agreeable traditions: a Coaches’ Breakfast on Saturday morning and a true Awards Banquet to finish the tournament, all included in the low-cost entry fees. We think that you’ll find the two days of the tournament fun, pleasant, and competitively rigorous. Our tournament staff is confident we’ll give you a “winning” experience. We sincerely hope you’ll choose to join us. Your Tournament Staff, Tournament director: Russell Hanes, Lakeridge HS Hospitality director: Chris Richter, Portland State Debate Tab director: Owen Zahorcak, Tualatin HS IE Tab director: Wes Craven, South Eugene HS Entries________________________________ Each school may enter up to, but no more than, three competitors in each event. One student may enter one debate event and any two individual events. We offer only an Open division for each event. Events________________________________ DEBATE: Note: Three-person teams are not permitted in team debate formats (CX, PF, Public). Both teammates must be present in at least 3 preliminary rounds and all elimination rounds; that is, no more than 3 preliminary rounds, and no elimination rounds, can be “maverick” for one team. Cross-Examination debate -- time limits will be 8-3-5, with 5 minutes preparation time, in single-flighted rounds. The topic will be the 2005-2006 NFL/NFHS resolution. Lincoln-Douglas debate -- time limits will be 6-3-7-3-4-6-3, with 3 minutes of preparation time, in double-flighted rounds. The topic will be the May/June 2006 NFL resolution. Public Forum (Ted Turner) debate -- time limits will be 4-4-3-4-4-3-2-2-3-1-1, with 2 minutes of preparation time, in double-flighed rounds. The topic will be the May 2006 NFL resolution. Public (Parliamentary) debate -- time limits will be 7-8-8-8-4-5, with 15 minutes of pre-round preparation time. Topics will be determined by the tournament. INDIVIDUAL EVENTS: After-Dinner Speaking Dual Interpretation Expository Speaking Extemporaneous Speaking Impromptu Speaking Memorized Humorous Memorized Serious Oratory Poetry Reading Prose Reading Radio Commentary Those students entered in two events will need to hurry between panels, as IEs are not patterned. The OSAA rules on these individual events shall govern. Judges________________________________ Each CX debate entry shall require 3 preliminary rounds and 1 elimination round (2 hours) of judging commitment. Thus, one judge who is available for all 6 preliminary rounds and 2 elimination rounds (4 hours) may cover a maximum of 2 CX teams. This full commitment is not for the faint of heart -- Friday will be a long day of judging. We strongly recommend dividing your judging commitment by bringing more than the minimum number of judges needed. Each LD, PF, and Public debate entry shall require 1.5 preliminary rounds and 1 elimination round (1 hour) of judging commitment. Thus, one judge who is available for all 6 preliminary rounds and 4 elimination rounds (4 hours) may cover a maximum of 4 LD, PF, or Public entries. Again, this will be a long day of judging on Friday, so we suggest bringing additional judges. Elimination round obligations are computed in terms of hours – CX elims require 2 hours; LD, PF, and Public elims require 1. Uncovered round penalties are also computed in this way, so one uncovered CX elim round creates two hours’ worth, or double the penalty. Mixed pools: All debate rounds are run concurrently across formats. This means that one judge may cover entries in any combination of debate formats, but cannot cover more than 6 preliminary rounds and 6 hours of elimination judging. IEs will be handled differently. They require no commitment beyond the head coach’s availability to judge the final IE round. Instead, we will be charging a small fee per IE entry in order to hire a pool of unconflicted judges for prelims and semifinals. Fees__________________________________ It is our wish to provide as inexpensive a tournament as possible. Private sponsorship will cover the cost of awards. However, because we will be providing the meal at the awards dinner, we must charge by the individual, not the entry. This is the same regardless of how many events each student is competing in, or how many rounds each judge is covering. Please note: All fees are CUMULATIVE, meaning that you must pay the per-person fee, plus the IE entry fee, plus any penalties for debate judging. As mentioned above, IEs will require an additional per entry fee. This IS dependent on the entries, such that a single student entering two IEs incurs two IE fees (one dual team counts as a single entry). However, there are no school or debate fees. Each student, coach, and affiliated judge $15 Additionally Each IE entry $5 Each debate entry $0 JUDGING PENALTIES: We would much rather have judges than penalize schools. If any judge would prefer a round off, the tournament must be notified of his or her unavailability before the Thursday deadline. There will be a judge roll call 5 minutes before each round -- absence will be considered as an unexpected unavailability. No exceptions. Uncovered prelim round fee $12 per round Uncovered elim HOUR fee $12 per round Unexpected judge unavailability fee $24 per round Please be at roll call. Communications________________________ ENTRIES/TAB: All entries must be sent via e-mail only to: owen.zahorcak@gmail.com Please use only the attached entry spreadsheet. Regarding questions or pressing matters, you may contact the tab director at any time at: (503) 709-3513 [cell] GENERAL QUESTIONS: You can e-mail the tournament director at: russellhanes@gmail.com Or call at (503) 413-9736 [cell] This is the number to call if there’s a problem during the tournament. Deadlines_____________________________ Each school’s head coach is invited to the complementary Coaches’ Breakfast at the University Place Hotel on Saturday morning. If you would like to bring an assistant coach to the Coaches’ Breakfast, please contact us directly no later than Monday, May 1st. Only one ticket per school will be given otherwise. All competitor and judge entries are due by noon on Wednesday, May 3rd. You will then promptly receive a confirmation e-mail, which will list your competitors, judges, and any absences. It will also notify you if you have met your judging obligations or not, and the fees you will be expected to pay at registration. Unless corrected by noon on Friday, May 5th, the information in this confirmation e-mail will be assumed by the tournament to be correct, and all fees will be assessed on its basis. Additional entries will not be permitted past this time, and any dropped entries will be charged in full. Even if your late drops take your entries to the point where you have met your judging obligations, if your entries as of the Friday deadline are over your judging commitment, you will still be assessed uncovered entry fees in full. We welcome any additional judges you can bring to the tournament after the Friday deadline. However, to manage the difficulties involved, doing so will only reduce by half the uncovered round penalties assessed, not eliminate them. Conflict Resolution______________________ The tournament director shall have sole and final authority to resolve all conflicts arising during the tournament. Schedule______________________________ Please count on the accuracy of this schedule, as we will follow it to the minute. The tab room is very experienced: this is not an idle boast. Judges or entrants who arrive late may incur serious financial or competitive penalties. FRIDAY: 7:30-8:00 am Registration 8:00-10:00 am Debate Round 1 10:00-12:00 am Debate Round 2 12:00-12:30 pm Lunch break 12:30-2:30 pm Debate Round 3 3:00-5:00 pm Debate Round 4 5:00-5:30 pm Dinner break 5:30-7:30 pm Debate Round 5 8:00-10:00 pm Debate Round 6 SATURDAY MORNING: 7:30-8:00 am IE-only registration 8:00-9:30 am IE Round 1 8:30-9:30 am Coaches’ Breakfast at the University Place Hotel* 9:30-11:00 am IE Round 2 11:00-11:30 am Lunch break 11:30-1:00 IE Semifinals * The coaches’ breakfast is included for head coaches only; for assistant coaches, please contact us directly. SATURDAY AFTERNOON: CX LD/PF/Public Everyone 1:00-2:00 pm Partial Quarterfinals Partial Double-Octofinals 2:00-3:00 pm Octofinals 3:00-4:30 pm IE Finals (except ADS) 4:30-5:30 pm Semifinals Quarterfinals 5:30-6:30 pm Semifinals 6:30-8:00 pm Awards Banquet & ADS Finals ** 8:00-9:00 pm Finals Finals 9:00-10:00 pm ** The Banquet will be held in the Smith Ballroom. Hotels & Commuters____________________ COMMUTERS: We recommend against dropping off from a school bus near PSU. Finding a spot to drop off will be difficult, and it will be nearly impossible to find a place to park. We recommend using public transportation to get to the tournament. TOURNAMENT HOTELS: We STRONGLY recommend against trying to park near PSU. Please, leave your vehicle at your hotel and take public transportation or walk to campus. We have negotiated reserved blocks of rooms at substantially discounted rates at these three hotels. Be sure to mention that you are with the tournament when reserving your room, and do so early. All prices given are after taxes. Residence Inn-Downtown 2115 SW River Pkwy, Portland, OR (503) 552-9500 Suites (6 people): $169 Studios (4 people): $113 Rollaway bed: $15 All lot parking: Free Reserve by April 11th http://marriott.com/property/propertypage/PDXRI The Residence Inn is a great hotel for four reasons. First, it’s located at the edge of a nearly vacant area of town. There should be plenty of street-side parking available for school buses. Second, the hotel is located next to the streetcar, which runs directly through PSU’s campus. Third, there is a complementary hot breakfast every morning, and the suites have kitchenettes. Fourth, these prices are HUGE discounts - the quality of this hotel is fantastic. University Place 310 SW Lincoln St, Portland, OR (503) 221-0140 Double-double (4 people): $78 No rollaways available Car parking: $12/night Bus parking: $40 Reserve by April 11th http://www.uplace.pdx.edu/ The University Place is the official PSU hotel. It is located close enough to walk to the campus. It also has sufficient parking in the back for several school buses. This is where the Coaches’ Breakfast will be held Saturday morning. Holiday Inn-Convention Center 1441 NE 2nd Ave, Portland, OR (503) 233-2401 Double-double (4 people): $112 Rollaway bed: $10 Bus parking: Free Reserve by April 11th http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/hi/1/en/hd/pdxne The Holiday Inn is located across the river, so it is the least easy commute. However, the MAX train runs right by the hotel; that will take you to Pioneer Place, where you can catch the no. 8 bus to PSU. Altogether, your commute should take you only 15 minutes if you time it correctly. The public transit schedule is located at http://www.tri-met.org/ Furthermore, they have a large parking lot capable of holding three school buses. NON-TOURNAMENT HOTELS: These hotels are an easy walk to PSU. They LACK parking capable of holding a school bus, but do have some parking for smaller vehicles. 4TH Avenue Motel (0.2 mi) 1889 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR (503) 226-7646 Downtown Value Inn (0.2 mi) 415 SW Montgomery St, Portland, OR (503) 226-4751 Days Inn (0.3 mi) 1414 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR (800) 329-7466 6TH Avenue Motel (0.3 mi) 2221 SW 6th Ave., Portland, OR (503) 226-3104 Travelodge (0.4 mi) 2401 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR (503) 226-1121 Travelodge (6.2 mi) 10450 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland, OR (503) 244-0151 This second Travelodge is located about a 20-minute public transit bus ride (#12) from PSU. The bus stops right at PSU’s campus. There’s plenty of parking around for school buses as this is near a residential area. There are also a number of hotels and motels in this general area.
  16. Yeah, plus the authority hasn't been affected because the government is still allowed to search people for communicable diseases.
  17. He has lots of NFL points? That must mean he's the best debater. Edit: There's a user bRubaie on here. Likely the same guy.
  18. You run existentialism and say that ignorance is bliss; knowing about all the bad shit that is happening to people will just make you feel bad. Instead, the news should feed us bullshit, lies, and propaganda.
  19. Ugh. Just parli and puffer, no CX? That's too bad, because my brother goes to SCU and I could get lodging for free.
  20. Screech

    Eugene Debate

    South Eugene High School has a bunch of debaters now, and only a few are graduating. Of course, U of O is right there, so they have plenty of judges and such. The tournaments that need good judges are out in the Portland area. (Tualatin, Westview, Barlow, PSU, Northern Oregon Nat Quals)
  21. So, I'm looking for a card in The History of Sexuality Part One, but I loaned my copy to someone and our team has Nat Quals tomorrow. I believe it's at the beginning of part five. It talks about how military conscription is an excellent example of biopolitical control, and basically represents the state's power over life. Could someone please do me a huge favor by finding this card and typing it up?
  22. I won't lie about my sexual orientation. I go for conscientious objector, then medical reason, then leave the country, then go to jail. And just because I don't want to die doesn't make me a pussy, or unpatriotic. It means I don't want to die, and anyone who dies to "protect my safety" is doing so without ever asking me whether or not I wanted them to protect it. "Patriotic duty" is some of the worst bullshit I've ever heard. It's a country's duty to protect its people, NOT vice-versa.
  23. The "X K" I've heard of is indeed from the Khan article, but it's the civil rights K.
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