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  1. Conference and state have never had those rules, those are optional rules instated by each district. State does have a "qualification" requirement for judges they use if only a year out but its pretty arbitrary. There is no NFL rule that states judges have to have X years out before they can judge at the national tournament.
  2. TDooley

    Your top 15

    Actually, Nick Dudley called me Tooley when I was in highschool because of he made a comment if you take the D out of my Cross-x name it spelled tooley. Most of the MU debaters stuck with it and are still on the circuit thus stuck. And yeah, Joe is way better than me, easily the top debater in the country. Yes he carries me. Yes I am fine with it. Anyone who knows me knows that, but being the top ranked team in the country right now means I'm doing something. And who the fuck are you on the NDT circuit? All of the people I know who are on both circuits have no clue who you are, and a couple of them even judged you. Can't even qualify as a backpack. Be a top ranked team in the nation then talk to me. ggkthx
  3. TDooley

    Your top 15

    Bleh, I had a post but for some reason it didn't get posted on here. But in short... yay for making it to Keegan's signature Yes, Jamie, we would be competing in open, yes we would have coaching by current NDT coaches that people are familiar with. Like I said, it depends on our resources, it's something our coaches have toyed with for a while. Yes I would accept the bet Keegan. And yeah, I guess parli is still a joke to all the policy debaters in the world. Even funnier though is beating those policy kids in parli because they think it is a joke which is something my partner and I have done a few times this years, and yes they were rounds judged by Policy debate coaches like Ben Mieches and Mike Meredith. Idk, I think before you guys just shit talk parli debaters you should go watch Calderwood/Testerman or myself and my partner sometime. In some instances it is more innovative, technical, and faster than policy debate. Anyone can read blocks at 400wpm with a little bit of coaching. But can you memorize those blocks and read them at any given time at 500wpm? I would put the top teams of the top 5 schools in parli right now up against some policy teams and see what happens. Hell, if you wanna take a dab into that wonderful world of "non-debate" let me know. I can gt you into a tourny without having to pay any fees and get you a place to stay. It'd be worth it to see.
  4. TDooley

    Your top 15

    like i said, idk if we are ven going, something thats just on the table. id be willing to put money down on breaking though. i'm sure thats against the law somewhere so ill put beer on the table instead.
  5. TDooley

    Your top 15

    eh ur right about the post i had made on another forum ben, but the stuff zain does, says etc is a completely different context, history, and intent. but all of that aside ur right.
  6. TDooley

    Your top 15

    2 years of policy. There is about a 90% chance ill be at Wake next year for a policy tourny, maybe Harvard or Kentucky as well. Also, Josh hasn't had the option to go to CEDA cus nationals hasn't even occurred yet. Also, this is his first year doing policy and debating in Open. And your argument is literally "my record sucks because I went to good tournaments" and "my record sucks because it includes outrounds" thats your defense? Really? Seriously? lol.
  7. TDooley


    Oh yeah, some Truman alum are gonna be causing problems that weekend I can already see it now. Hopefully MO debate has gotten better since I last came back to judge, I better be in some good rounds.
  8. TDooley

    Topeka High

    Yo, someone contact me for judging 816-797-5414
  9. Need some immigration good files, most like from some politics DAs a few years ago. PM or Email me tyler.dooley@gmail.com
  10. And there goes alot of judges. Goodluck Kansas!
  11. TDooley

    RIP Chance Harp

    Wow, i guess I haven't checked this in a while and was shocked when I read it. My thoughts go out to his family and everyone who knew him.
  12. Meh, I'd just do anything to have Keegan say it to my face.
  13. lol...my 4 most favorite green comments from this whole hilariousness.... #1: Kaboom #2: Keegan won't ever get laid #3: ALLAH! #4: flight listed. looks like everyone on cx has a little bit of racism in them afterall... how does every racist joke start out? *looks around* and now im officially done, just that those should be shared.
  14. Yes, i even forgot to pick up my sheet at the dry cleaners today, damn.
  15. That's the stigma's fault, not mine. And saying that nothing is too low for crossx isn't a concession, its just a stated fact. *yawn* are you done yet?
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