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  1. I have iran as an advantage but it has nothing to do with striking. in fact it has to do with not striking (see: "Weak President, Strong Protectionists"). Also many authors say something about the draft increasing peace because you have to consider a lrager slice of the population's opinion or that because of the draft people protest against war, become for peaceful/pacifist, etc. I was wondering if on neg you might run pacifism bad or some how link this to isolationism (ie: US pulls back from wars, then khalizad impact)?
  2. i have plenty of advantages to my aff... i wrote a draft aff in like.... 3 weeks... all on my own... plenty of advantages....
  3. i knew it was in the constitution but i wanted the evidence anyways just in case. thanks mucho birdwing
  4. only congress can start a draft right? i need the evidence that says so for my aff
  5. Sent in a Draft 1AC earlier. Just waiting for the password.
  6. Well I see it as more of "x change is coming, x change is bad, people not joining because they see x change is coming, we stop x change, we live happily ever after"
  7. I think he ment biopower... but some of thats agamben-ish, too...
  8. Jewsus


    You don't think taking tips is w/o prob cause? I can see where your coming from, but I think that could be defended as w/o prob casue.
  9. Thanks for the link. How do you think it answers critical args?
  10. Jewsus


    NO but if you read it it talks about many times when it's been a bad tip and people who have been killed or injured from people barging into their houses.
  11. do you think the class diference can be run in itself as an advantage or is there some kind of impact to it? Alot of what I've read syas that theburden is unfairly on the shoulders of the poor/minorities. I think that it could turn out critical, but I have no idea how...
  12. Jewsus


    http://www.slate.com/id/2139458/ There is an article here about the legality of "no-knock" policy by police. Could be an interesting case?
  13. Like I said alot of stuff isn't going to show up until after camps.
  14. ...offcase args: cp: different part of rez militarism k (for armed services) helping people da there's more, but that's all i could think of in 2 seconds. Besides there's alot of stuff that won't be around until after camps. Last year I hadn't even considered an AIDS aff before camp.
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