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  1. I will be in Ft Lauderdale in may and june and am available to individually coach a debater or a team for a few hours a day. This is a great opportunity for a debater looking to make the A team, make a good transition from HS to college, or get a head start on the topic before camp. I have worked at a number of institutes, was and ADI fellow, and qualified and cleared to elimination rounds of the NDT. If you are interested PM me. Salary is negotiable. Austin Case
  2. Sorry I couldnt include the barndt card in the file. All of my research is original and not reproduced from team or camp files. It would have required me illing that book and waiting etc. for one card. Thanks to whoever posted it.
  3. I have no doubt this cls file is really good. And I cant believe only 10 have sold. You may be thinking, "wont the cls file I recut from camp be just as good" And if your thinking that likely your also thinking going 4-4 at tournaments is the same thing as batting .500. Which also happens to be my percentage with James' mom. Which is much higher than my career .25 debating against james. Go buy his file,,,, it goes great with constitutional progressivism! Austin
  4. the sua sponte theory file is posted. But for some reason its posting under the UN topic. Either way you can find it there. austin
  5. I will put the theory file and sua sponte back up right now. To the person who said they also had trouble dl ing them. Were you eventually able to? I hope so. I think this may be a problem w/ the evazon.
  6. im not sure. Anyone else have this problem? I am not sure how the buying system works so tomorrow when i get home i will save another copy to the evazon (hopefully you can try then)? Otherwise if its a computer problem you can CC a email to me and kerpan to verify that you purchased the file and i can send it to you in an e mail.... in whatever formatt you choose. Thats more complicated lets up its my fault. austin
  7. Four and a half hours left..... This will never happen again. Its just a one time thing. happy buying
  8. Of the congress counterplans this is clearly the best. This is the argument that congress can interpret the constitution to create a constitutional crisis that spurs liberal politics. Some of the best cls debaters use this counterplan to solve the case. Austin *its half off w/ all my on evazon
  9. Im glad you liked it. 8 hours left....
  10. Version

    Table of Contents This counterplan has congress interpret the constitution and do the affirmative plan. The evidence says that congressional action in interpreting the constitution in opposition to the courts will create a constitutional moment. This moment will be a starting point for all progressive and critical politics, and force the court to become more liberal. There are great cards that makes CLS, Foucault, Feminism, and Constitutional Skepticism net-benefits. Everybody knows how cool it is to have a counterplan that solves all of the case and avoids a K. This strategy is devastating for affirmatives because its always easy to win a link to a K. There is also a built in disad in the file that says that using the courts to do the plan is bad. IE the affirmatives call on the court to implement a progressive action puts progressive politics in a position to be defined, and rejected to the courts. This spills over and dooms all forms of progressive politics. Kinda like an ultra specific hollow hope roll back disad. Anyway, at half off for five dollars- you cant pass it up.

    10.00 USD

  11. Files include: Coast Guard AFF $5 Sua Sponte $3.5 Theory File $7.5 Constitutional Skepticism $4 AND Introducing: Progressive Constitutionalism at half price for 5 bucks.
  12. There fixed. The table of contents is available if you click the link that says table of contents. its only 5 dollars for the next 24 hours
  14. Sorry I haven't checked this thread in a long time. You made my argument better than I could. The only way the FG could ban zoos would be to give animal rights. As an attorney you probablly know that the court traditionally decides these types of things gradually and over time. Interpreting things narrowly and leaving bigger questions for later. Although, affirmatives will be hard pressed to find a test case, the court could simply rule that animals detainment in zoos violates the first amendment. The key here is finding a sufienctly narrow enough test case to be topical (this is espec. less problematic in HS b/c these debates dont happen as often). The effect of the plan is the precedent stuff that you think is extra topical. Plan: court will rule animals have const. protection against federal detain. w/o arrest (I think this is probablly topical). Effect of plan: Federal circuit courts deduce a wide range of animal rights based on this precedent, slowly and narrowly as these cases arise. I impact turn fism. and states doesent solve future precedent plan minuse cp is not minus- plan text can be narrow and solve radical yes- this is a criticle aff. Your talking to a vegitarian. Im sure you know there is a body of animal rights law (and animal rights attorneys) that advocate this type of thing. Most of which is for monkey and not chickens though. Nazis hated chipmunks too... (i dont think your a nazi) in the 2 dollar file i have since taken down by popular demand. There was a solvency card for Animal zoo rights spill over into ban on animals testing. Read through my previous post on the topic. Im really board and its pathetic tonight is friday
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