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  1. in the future, if anyone has a problem with my decisions please confront me about it in a forum where i can respond; and not behind my back for the rest of the community to see.
  2. Please, feel free to argue, but I'm going to throw out my top three DJ's right now. 1. Rusko 2. Borgore 3. Bassnectar also recognize, J.Rabbit, Datsik, and Flux Pavillion
  3. I feel like this is slowly heading toward a thread about drugs instead of dubstep.... so here's another good song. A little dubstep, American Style.
  4. glad to see rusko and borgore together. two of the best dubstep dj's out there in my opinion. I'm addicted to this song right now:
  5. The resolution is something that used to dictate what the debate was about. Anymore though its really just for show.
  6. I thoroughly enjoy these nicknames you keep coming up with for your teams. I hope to see this creativity continue.
  7. you are the one that coaches with him. god only knows what happens when you two stay together at tournaments.
  8. you use internet acronyms in actual conversation. i mean really "brb", is it that hard to say you will be right back? and everyone loves me you know that and you are just jealous because i have more friends than you.
  9. looks like no one wants to talk to you.
  10. Yes, I believe they were.
  11. sorry that was uncalled for, i was just got so caught up in the moment.
  12. My moderating tyranny is one that I enjoy.
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