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  1. does anybody have any backfiles from the Mental Health topic?
  2. I can judge a bit... i'll be at camp Jul 25-Aug 2 so i'll be on at odd times during then but otherwise i'll be good
  3. debater08


    any news on whether these rounds made it to the interwebz this year?
  4. anyone know what happened in the Hallsville CG vs. Grapevine QS doubles round?
  5. its cool... thanks again for the work... great job!
  6. no... I didn't know what all was there but all of it would be awesome. I don't have anything to trade though
  7. Does anyone have the ADI 2009 file from this past summer's camp?
  8. can I get this as well kmartin08@gmail.com
  9. hey sorry guys. my laptop has been in the shop for a power issue and as soon as either it gets back or my tax return gets here and I just go buy a netbook I'll get it posted. I apologize to all for the inconvenience. I didn't forsee this power problem happening.
  10. still working on the PMC... sorry about the time. It's just been really hectic around here since Tech. I should have it up sometime tonight
  11. Racist? i'm not sure how that happened...
  12. the only questions that usually happen are what we call POI's and they generally happen during the speech... the rule of thumb is only 3 questions through the speech so at the end of each constructive. For you the last time new arguments can be made is the MOC which is the 2nd neg constructive for you. However the gov's last rebuttal gets the ability to answer all of these new arguments. Also there are tools called "point of orders" in which you get to point out new arguments made on arguments made in the LOC. These can also be posted after the rebuttals.
  13. I'm fine with Sweet Ev as a judge. I leave for Texas Tech in the morning and will be pretty busy till Tuesday. I'll try to get the PMC up while on the road tomorrow but no promises. Worst case scenario its posted Tuesday while on the road or that afternoon when we get back.
  14. After posting a challenge to anyone for a Vdebate in NPTE parli style debate, Shree has accepted the challenge. Policy judges are absolutely fine and we will need at least 3 maybe 5. Same rules for the policy rounds will be in place except for WC since speech times in parli are a bit different. There is the government (aff) and the opposition (neg) and the times are 7(1st Gov Constructive), 8(1st Opp Constructive), 8(2nd Gov Constructive), 8(2nd Opp Constructive), 4(1st Opp Rebuttal), 5(1st Gov. Rebuttal). WC will be 2000 for Constructives with a 200 wc leeway and 1400 for Rebuttals with the same leeway attached. There is no prep time between speeches so the 24 hour rule will be strictly enforced unless something like a debate tournament is in the way. The Resolution is: The United States federal government should substantially increase its foreign assistance to Southeast Asia in the area(s) of human rights and/or transnational crime. The Government will be debater08 The Opposition will be shreethebsmaster Those wishing to judge please attach a paradigm. We in parli use the same arguments you use so your paradigms for policy remain the same in parli Judges:
  15. oh good sirs how you pang my heart so... Granted 17th St. is not nearly as fabulous as Oklahoma Joe's it is still pretty damn good... I'll take KC BBQ anyday but when I'm not in the KC area and am deemed to rot in St. Louis then I'll take a plate of 17th Street's pound of pork and a cup of Magic Dust..
  16. I can toss a ballot in if someone needs. I'm a tab judge and am cool with absolutely anything
  17. Pilot G2's .5 or .38 are my favorite pens... however Pilot just came out with the GTEC and I hear they have smaller than .38 but I haven't had a chance to use it to see if it flips or writes well
  18. Also on another note... Gates was not what I had expected but it was no where near bad BBQ... Granted it didn't meet the praise I had heard, it definitely had good BBQ. Also if you are in the St. Louis area you should try 17th Street... it was fantastic as well. The pound of pulled pork with a little extra "magic dust" makes it absolutely exquisite. I actually am sad I won't be in the area again until the NFL nationals tournament. But I plan on getting some access to a motor vehicle so that I may visit all of these wonderful establishments again and again throughout the tournament
  19. From my multiple visits to KC for the NC parli circuit I have enjoyed multiple KC BBQ establishments and I have to say that Oklahoma Joe's (47th and Mission Location) is by far some of the best BBQ i have ever eaten... granted I haven't been around all that many years but I've had BBQ in multiple states and regions and Oklahoma Joe's is definitely in my top 3.
  20. You might also want to check out Chomsky's book called Failed States
  21. And congrats to you as well. It really has been a fun thing to pass the time. Just wish it hadn't had all those messups a few weeks ago when people started dropping out because they didn't pick their teams
  22. and i'll go with Washington... might as well. Since we are betting on our teams
  23. it appears that preston and I are the only ones left debater08 leapofaith97 here's the spread Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog 12/3 8:20 ET NY Jets -3 At Buffalo 12/6 1:00 ET Denver -4.5 At Kansas City 12/6 1:00 ET At Pittsburgh Off Oakland 12/6 1:00 ET At Jacksonville PK Houston 12/6 1:00 ET At Indianapolis -7 Tennessee 12/6 1:00 ET Philadelphia -4.5 At Atlanta 12/6 1:00 ET At Cincinnati -13 Detroit 12/6 1:00 ET New Orleans -9 At Washington 12/6 1:00 ET At Carolina -6.5 Tampa Bay 12/6 1:00 ET At Chicago -9 St. Louis 12/6 4:05 ET San Diego -12.5 At Cleveland 12/6 4:15 ET At Seattle PK San Francisco 12/6 8:20 ET Minnesota Off At Arizona 12/6 4:15 ET Dallas -2 At NY Giants 12/6 1:00 ET New England -6 At Miami Monday Night Football Point Spread 12/7 8:35 ET At Green Bay -3 Baltimore Off = No point spread available yet due to Monday night play or an injury situation. PK = Pick... No favorite, no underdog... A point spread of zero. And here are the picks: debater08 - Washington leapofaith97 - Denver
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