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  1. does anybody have any backfiles from the Mental Health topic?
  2. I can judge a bit... i'll be at camp Jul 25-Aug 2 so i'll be on at odd times during then but otherwise i'll be good
  3. debater08


    any news on whether these rounds made it to the interwebz this year?
  4. anyone know what happened in the Hallsville CG vs. Grapevine QS doubles round?
  5. its cool... thanks again for the work... great job!
  6. no... I didn't know what all was there but all of it would be awesome. I don't have anything to trade though
  7. Does anyone have the ADI 2009 file from this past summer's camp?
  8. can I get this as well kmartin08@gmail.com
  9. hey sorry guys. my laptop has been in the shop for a power issue and as soon as either it gets back or my tax return gets here and I just go buy a netbook I'll get it posted. I apologize to all for the inconvenience. I didn't forsee this power problem happening.
  10. still working on the PMC... sorry about the time. It's just been really hectic around here since Tech. I should have it up sometime tonight
  11. Racist? i'm not sure how that happened...
  12. the only questions that usually happen are what we call POI's and they generally happen during the speech... the rule of thumb is only 3 questions through the speech so at the end of each constructive. For you the last time new arguments can be made is the MOC which is the 2nd neg constructive for you. However the gov's last rebuttal gets the ability to answer all of these new arguments. Also there are tools called "point of orders" in which you get to point out new arguments made on arguments made in the LOC. These can also be posted after the rebuttals.
  13. I'm fine with Sweet Ev as a judge. I leave for Texas Tech in the morning and will be pretty busy till Tuesday. I'll try to get the PMC up while on the road tomorrow but no promises. Worst case scenario its posted Tuesday while on the road or that afternoon when we get back.
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