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    Thursday File 9/29 (SKFTA)

    Last week Congress saw a lot of action in regards to the South Korean Free Trade agreement including the passage of the GSP and the TAA in the Senate. Next week when Congress comes back in session, the item that is most likely to come up first in the House is the TAA. This signals an important step for this legislation because it is the precursor to having President Obama submit the trade proposals for final authorization. Also important to note is Congress' desire to get the trade agreement passed before mid-October because the President of South Korea will be visiting the United States at that time.
    Thus, this weeks file is purely dedicated to our semester long SKFTA scenario. Included in the file are some 2NC block, a lot of uniqueness updates, and some more impact work. Also, I did a substantial amount of work on uniqueness thumpers and political capital on both sides of the debate. These thumpers alone should be able to get most AFF teams through their rounds. Important to note is the fact that the entire file (excluding the old Thursday Files) is highligted, which makes life easier for you.
    Table of Contents:
    The Thursday File - SKFTA
    *Top Level*
    Political Capital - Yes
    AT: Thumpers 2NC
    AT: China Thumper
    AT: Jobs Thumper
    AT: Budget/Deficit Thumper
    AT: Palestine Thumper
    2NC Overview
    2NC UQ Must Read
    Will pass – generic
    Will pass – both countries
    Will pass – TAA
    Will pass – GSP
    Will pass – soon
    Will pass – momentum
    Will pass – bipart
    Will pass – Dems
    I/L – Econ
    I/L – Relations
    I/L – Competitiveness
    I/L – Hegemony
    I/L – Jobs
    I/L – Trade
    I/L – Asian Stability
    *AFF Answers*
    Won’t Pass – SKFTA
    No impact – delayed implementation
    SKFTA Bad – Jobs
    *AFF Top Level*
    No Political Capital
    Elections Thumper
    China Thumper
    Demo Promo Thumper
    Budget Thumper
    Plus Old Thursday Files

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    Cap and Trade, Card Check, and Secret Politics

    Table of Contents
    Alright, so once again its a big weekend for debate throughout the nation with many national qualifiers and state tournaments. That means it calls for some sweet politics scenarios.The first scenario is the one which can be deemed my specialty which is the Cap and Trade Scenario. The scenario is quite unchanged except that now that the spending bill is out of the way, Cap and Trade and other priorities are now up to bat. All the scenarios are all the same, however there are some new goodies including an oil dependence scenario and a nuclear power scenario.The second scenario is once again Card Check. The story is also pretty much the same except that it is becoming a tougher fight for both sides. There are also updates to the Snowe-Collins link scenario that I debuted last week. Also, this section contains a new free speech impact scenario as well as a rather intensive trade good/trade bad section.Lastly is the new scenario which is a complete secret. And I can guarantee you this, Kearney's TF doesn't have any answers to it which makes it a great buy. It has some rather large impact scenarios as well as a more critical set of impact scenarios. It also comes with answers, so if you don't want to get surprised and pwnd by the scenario, you should buy it.Good luck to all!!!!Note: Special thanks to Kendall Kaut who helped with putting this file together.

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  3. 1.00 USD

    Cap and Trade, Health Care, and Card Check Politics

    Table of Contents
    Since it's a big weekend for tournaments including national qualifiers, TFA and UIL, and Georgia, it requires 3 re-vamped scenarios for the weekend.The first is an updated Cap and Trade file that builds upon the file I put out last week. Story is still the same, however opposition is rising and Democrats are trying to pass it quicker than initially expected. Also included in this section is a new Chinese Instability Scenario.The second is a Health Care reform scenario. Story is that despite opposition, a form of health care reform will pass. The uniqueness is supported by the Obama forum on health care that occurred just today. Plan hurts bipartisanship which is key to passing health care reforms. The file includes several impact scenarios on both sides of the debate.The third and final scenario is good ol' card check. Congress still won't be able to pass it in the Squo, even with Biden's recent support. However, plan acts as an olive branch drawing in key Republicans which gets it passed. Thats bad because it destroys the economy. Also several impact scenarios on both sides of the issue.Once again, I'm continuing the offer of cutting updates for all the scenarios through the weekend. If you purchase the file you can either pm me at Charlie07 or email me at ctcb57@umkc.edu I'll also ask a quick question about the file just to verify your purchase so that I'm not giving you free evidence.Good luck to all!!!

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  4. 1.00 USD

    Climate Change Politics

    Table of Contents
    This is a pretty good politics scenario that should come in handy for those of you at either regional tournaments, NFL/CFL qualifiers, or if you are heading down to Vestavia Hills this weekend.The story goes a bit like this: Obama announced recently that one of the major things that he will be pushing for is measures on climate change and energy. The way in which he plans on achieving both of these is by setting up a system for selling Carbon shares that industries produce. The problem is that passing Cap and Trade will be tough because all previous global warming bills have been plagued by Republican Filibusters. However, now there is an opportunity with a few moderate Republicans on board for the legislation to pass. The file comes with three impact scenarios which are Warming, Economy, and Leadership. The file also has a pretty comprehensive aff answers file.Also, if you buy this file and send me a pm after purchasing, you will receive updates to the DA the rest of this weekend in the morning, along with next weekend making it a must buy type of file.

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