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  1. Our tournament will feature LD, PFD, and Congress on Friday (the 23rd), and all ten KSHSAA events plus impromptu for those who want to triple enter on Saturday (the 24th). We are expecting over 500 entries. This is the tournament to be at on the 23rd and 24th!
  2. On February 24th and 25th, Salina Central will be hosting their forensics tournament. Friday, we are hosting LD, congress, and PFD. We are using west kansas legislation, but welcome walk on legislation from other districts. Saturday, we have 18 schools and should be able to have a competitive field in all events. We are hosting all KSHSAA events including IDA, FX, and DX. For those interested in more NFL points, you can triple enter with impromptu speaking. Last year, we had over 600 entries between the two days and would love to have more this year. Any questions, PM me.
  3. Shier/Stuewe from Salina Central in open...any other West Kansas schools going?
  4. Someone asked for schools. Riggs/Hogan are from Lyons. Forbes/Corkins- Buhler. Higgins/Davis- Salina South. Armstrong/Algrim- Garden City. Thomas/Farrow- Lyons. Bowers/Weingart- Buhler. I'm not sure where Allsup/Curiel are from. As far as novice goes, I know that Coolden/Wheeler are from Salina South and thats it.
  5. Okay so its kinda late to start a thread, but I thought that I should at least post the results after the tournament. I will try to answer any ? or comments...if I have time to get on the computer. Sarah
  6. Haha...Hanschu, you confuse me. So for everyone going to CFL nationals, We're gonna get it crunk!
  7. At my school, I think the skip day was last week. But, its not that big of a deal. Here, the seniors have this really huge food fight every year and whoever starts it doesn't get to walk at commencement. They put up cameras.
  8. Is anyone else going to the Cameron camp in Lawton, Oklahoma? Haha longshot. Probably not.
  9. The other team from Central qualified for CFL in LD and Congress. Because you can only go in one event, they can't. I agree with Hanschu. It really is a disappointment. It will certainly be a boring ride up to Milwaukee without Chaz. Ya gotta love the kid.
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