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  1. Hey, so, I'm Julia Coursey. I debated for GDS for the last four years and had a bit of judging experience my senior year. I'll be in Dallas that weekend and need to spend some time around debate. I can judge and offer advice as well as do some work before the tournament. Additionally, Becca might hook up with you if you hire me. Regards, Julia M. M. Coursey If you're interested you can email me at jcoursey08@gmail.com or pm me i suppose edit: hired
  2. hey guys, i'm trying to be copy staff at utnif this summer but need recommendations from campers. i would really appreciate it if y'all could help me out(especially if you haven't already applied!). i really like utnif and think that it is one of the best camps out there. i've debated for gds for 4 years and been captain for 2. if you help me out i'll be around to help you out with debate related things or i can bake some cookies for you. please email mrcox@mail.utexas.edu with my name (Julia Coursey) and i will love you forever. thanks, julia
  3. i'm considering going to college in new mexico (santa fe) and was wondering if anyone was in need of an extra judge/coach. i have debated for GDS for 4 years, been the a team for the last two, and have done fairly well. i won't be debating in college but i miss it already, and would love to work on next year's topic. you can contact me at jcoursey08@gmail.com or post on this thread or something. thanks!
  4. we generally keep a copy around that we let teams see before/during the round if they wish, which helps with vagueness arguments. i've only had a judge ask for a copy of the treaty we ratify once, in order to help settle a t debate. often, things like water for the poor act would be too long to read in the 1ac and any explation card will be simplifying it anyways. generally if you need a bill or similar in order to solve you have pretty good reasons why it is good in your solvency evidence that generally help out.
  5. there's a longer cutting of the dean card that's even more sweet
  6. hi debate community, i'm doing an anthropology project on certain aspects of the community and desperately need your help. i'm posting here and on facebook because i need a substantial sample. any writing at all would help. answers that are too sensitive to be posted can always be messaged to me. if you could answer a few of these questions i would really appreciate it. 1. what are the rules/norms of debate? 2. what things would you consider common courtesy before/during/after a round? 3. do you have anything that you always do before/during/after a round? (i.e. things that are lucky, getting water, etc.) 4. why do you do debate? 5. what debating practices would you consider to be in poor taste? 6. do gender, class, sexuality and race play a role in the debate community? 7. if not the identifiers listed above, what are common factors that divide the community? 8. do you notice any sub-groups within the community? 9. what sort of things do you do with your team when not debating?(i.e. nothing, research, slumber parties, etc.) 10. what is on your tubs? (i.e. nothing, bumper stickers, etc.) 11. do you notice stress or pressure to succeed in debate and elsewhere? if not in yourself do you notice it in others? how does that stress manifest itself? 12. what do you respect in other debaters? 13. what role do speaker awards play in debate? 14. what role do speaker positions play in your estimation of an individual? (ie. 2a, 2n, double 2s, double 1s, etc.)
  7. if we could get the cites for the das and cp that y'all read in our round that would be fantastic
  8. http://www.utdebatecamp.com/workingon.html
  9. foosballers originally all had legs, but they got broken through overuse. having it in our lab probably didn't help too much, either.
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