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  1. D6 1. Emory Gordon/Jegadeesh 2. Samford Bagwell/Gramzinski 3. Vanderbilt Brown/Norris 4. Georgia Harrison/Layton 5. Georgia State Grace/Schaller Alts 1. West Georgia Marianetti/Grellinger 2. Kentucky Gentile/Gautam
  2. uhaul6758

    2009 NDT

    Harvard RS (aff) d. Emory MS 3-2 - Stevenson*, Bruce, Chestnut, Fitzmier*, Jordan North Texas CP (neg) d. Emory IN 5-0
  3. Hooch CS (neg) d. Woodward NP 3-0 in octos Quarters Colleyville MN vs. Hooch CS
  4. Greenhill RR d. Hooch FL (neg)
  5. Greenhill is Aff - broke a new Angola aff with Iran, Prolif and Africa War advantages Hooch 1NC is - FISA Good, Heidegger, T args, a CP, case 2NR is the Digger
  6. Chattahoochee FL d. Meadows KS (aff) - not sure on the decision
  7. Bishop Guertin CP v Greenhill HS [J. Heidt, Ed Lee, Morales] Carrollton HS v Bronx High School of Science BG [Hardy, Herndon, Paul] Chattahoochee FL (neg) v Meadows KS [berthaiume, Matheson, Phillips] (Meadows won the flip and flipped aff) Cathedral Prep CH (aff) v Colleyville Heritage DH [Culpepper, Jennings, Repko] Damien CG v Glenbrook North OZ [Fitzmier, Keenan, Murray] Greenhill RR v Pace Academy AL [bricker, D. Heidt, Olson] Groves BG v Rowland Hall BL [Clark, Hamraie, Quinn] St. Marks BK v. Colleyville Heritage MN [Greenstein, B. Hall, Harrigan] All other rounds (minus CathPrep and Colleyville DH) are flips
  8. Hooch PS (aff) d. Stratford KC (not sure, been told) Greenhill HS (aff) d. Hooch KM
  9. The bottom two 5-2's would face each other - winner advances to octos Hooch LF (aff) d. Westminster AS
  10. Hooch BP (3-4) d. Kinkaid KS (2-5) Kinkaid BS (4-3) d. Hooch CZ (2-5)
  11. uhaul6758

    NDT 2008

    They are affirming the resolution against Georgia State GL - GSU is locked neg (GSU lost on a 3-0 to Cal BP in prelims)
  12. uhaul6758

    NDT 2008

    Georgia State GL (aff) d. Wayne State 3-0 Towson CL d. Michigan State LM (I don't know the ballot count)
  13. uhaul6758

    NDT 2008

    R8 - Towson CL vs. Michigan State LM. I believe Towson is negative.
  14. This is MBA AM's second bid (bid and lost in quarters of Berkeley) and Hooch PS's first bid
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