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  1. Anyone who knows results from any division, please post Thanks in advance....
  2. Sounds like a great idea--I have always loved you Chief Good luck with the workshop!
  3. Yay! Will DCI and Novice State be in the same building then? That would be awesome.....
  4. well, there you have it--all 4 judges who commonly volunteer in KS have posted their philosophies good idea in theory, may help at DCI bids more than other tourneys.....
  5. Ditto on Mr. Bill being amazing--I would apply if I could!
  6. thanks! i should modify my post to say tournaments in any area....
  7. I am not very familiar with Wichita tournaments. Here is what I have as a schedule thus far, can anyone fill me in on those I am missing before the rules meeting? Sept. 18/19 - *Washburn Rural September 25/26 - *Hutchinson High School, Derby, Goddard October 2/3 – Winfield, Ark City October 9/10 - *Wichita East, Campus October 16/17 – Field Kinley, Bishop Carroll October 23/24 - *BV North, Remington (N) October 30/31 – Pittsburg, Wichita Collegiate November 6/7 – *Our Tournament! November 13/14 - *Newton November 20/21 – Topeka High, December 4/5 – Maize, Augusta (N) December 11/12- NFL qualifier December 18-19- Regional’s (location TBA) Jan 8-9: Novice State (location TBA) Jan: State at Goddard!
  8. It will be a well run tournament with good awards, Steve Wood style lounge and qualified judges. I promise.
  9. We'll take you back anytime Evan, still need to work on those gestures I will let Nick Owen answer the question about extemp--I know there are a number of very specific lectures over the event...
  10. Are you looking for an inexpensive two week-long intensive camp? Are you interested in both debate and forensics camp? If so, we offer a solution for all these problems. Our debate camp is a week before the forensics camp and you can do both or just sign up for a two week debate camp. Don’t be fooled by others who say they are cheaper, look at the facts and the number of days our camp is offered. Kids will get more intensive and diverse education on ALL the forensics events from the best the state of Kansas has in former students and current high school and college coaches. I honestly think our debate camp is the best in KS for those who are planning on debating the KS style. Kids are also exposed to a number of other DCI style arguments and we are very flexible with what style kids want and need to learn. The forensics camp offers specialized training from coaches who excel in different events, offering a adaptive curriculum to meet any students needs. If you have any questions about the debate portion, please feel free to contact me at Melissa.Newton@McPherson.com, or Melissa.Ann.Newton@gmail.com. If you have questions about the forensics portion, please contact Nick at: Nicholas.Owen@usd305.com. We hope to see many of you this summer at the Heart of America Institute. Other questions, check out the website at http://www.heartofamericadebate.com
  11. HI drops down to Brendan Burge from McPherson because Sterling went in Duo....
  12. Senate drops down to Amber Anderson before Katherine Evel. The House drops down to Drew Harger after Evan.
  13. Also, West KS NFL Congress is the 6th, Wichita CFL is the 7th.....
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