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    WK LD/PUFF Qual

    Hey I just wanted to say congrats to Buhler and Garden for qualing teams this weekend. Also I want to say thanks for having me out to judge I really enjoyed it and hope I can see more of you guys. Finally I want to give a big thanks to jeriah for giving my sorry but a ride home :-)
  2. Collins from Newton is in semis for IX
  3. Haha I would rather you would just run a K aff make my life alot better but yea talking about the adv. would prob. be a good idea
  4. For those of you who kno me or care Ill be there judging in the varsity div.
  5. Not that anyone cares but here’s my fantasy team Policy- Higgins and Harzmen S.South LD- Andy Berg Buhler PF- Jessica Sheth and Carl Smith Wichita East House- Hess Mcpherson Senate- Shier S.Central Duo- I know there from my school but Titus and Foster Newton OO- Nick Miller Silver Lake DX- Mary Yanik Emporia FX- Joey Ralph Buhler DI- Kerry McGuire BVN HI- Josh Hafner Great Bend
  6. Just so Cook doesnt fell alone Elliott and I will be running the same thing we have all year DADT the Fasching version... we hope to get some really good rounds against it before nats that way we can revamp and get prepared for the whole thing i wont post any type of flow here but if u would like one pm and ill see what i can do..... Is anyone like doing the whole suit thing here because if they are all going to just be the college crowd i dont see the need to look tooo fancy
  7. Yea i wanted to come but me and elliott will be at Norman North that weekend
  8. I only know here and there results Varsity ***Just so every one knows props to Harzmen and Higgins for Breaking top seed with a 5-0 record and 15 speaks and both receiving speaker awards*** Quarters S. South Harzmen/Higgins vs Great Bend ?/? S. South Picks up on 2-1 Garden ?/? vs ? ?/? Garden Picks up Newton Adkins/Bradshaw vs Sacred Heart? ?/? Newton Picks up Newton Kaufman/Collins vs Great Bend ?/? Great Bend picks up Semis S. South Harzmen/Higgins vs Garden ?/? S. South picks up Newton Adkins/Bradshaw vs Great Bend ?/? Great Bend picks up Finals S. South Harzmen/Higgins vs Great Bend ?/? S. South Picks up!!! Novice Yea too much work to do all that again so ill just do finals Finals Newton Stiffler/Law-honbush vs Maize ?/? Newton Picks up!!! Sweeps Newton Wins!
  9. wow this is all really funny and entertaining... can't lie though i like the prediction haha
  10. Only got open: Quaters: Newton Jeffries/Dickinson Vs Campus ?/? Newton Wins Sailina South Higgins/Josh ? Vs ? ?/? Sailina Wins ? ?/? Vs ? ?/? Chaperel (sp) ?/? Vs ? ?/? Chaperel wins Semis: Newton Jeffries/Dickinson Vs Sailina South Higgins/Josh Newton Wins Chaperel Vs ? ?/? Chaperel Wins Finals Newton Jeffries/Dickinson Vs Chaperel ?/? Newton Picks up on a 3-0
  11. eltimmu

    Newton High

    Three Divisions, Novice, Open, Varsity, we are tryin to make it the best varsity as possible.... all 3 div. on friday all break to quaters ITS REALLY FULL!
  12. Will the Varsity Division really be Varsity or just "better open"
  13. all i know are varsity but Semi's Newton Adkins/Bradshaw drop to Lyons Hogan/? Emporia ?/? drop to Newton Jeffries/Dickinson Final's Lyons Hogan/? drop to Jeffries/Dickinson Champs: Jeffries/Dickinson Newton Sweeps 1st Newton 2nd BVN (i think) 3rd SHHS
  14. yea if anyone rembers Jeffries(me) from sems last year or the 16th seeded team that hit STA in sems then it was Jeffries/Ahmahduhla and this year i am getting a better partner who was a novice last year but he won like every tourney he went to so yea hopin for a positive step so this year is Jeffries/Dickson
  15. i was thinking maybe a case saying for impacts that when FBI uses carnivore or other "snooping" devises that they missplace the info causing maybe privite info to leak into the public which could possibly cause some serious hrms even maybe Identity theft///////and on top of all that would anyone have an idea on being able to turn all of that into a da maybe
  16. i really dont think there will be any REALLY big impacts in this years topic at all i mean compared to last years topic with nuke war death genocide and everything else this year is going to be a very small impact year you are really going to have to play up morals and privacy and even almost mental types of deals.
  17. biopower?????????????????? that and mabye some kind of advantage claiming enforcement of privacy????? what about that?????????
  18. never really answered my question is it a good idea google and yahoo prop. is all good but is having to obtain a search warrent a good thing for a case that is what i need to know
  19. Ok what about a FBI carnivor case that would make the FBI have to gain a search warrant in order to look at any one persons email so basically it would be just like pen and paper mail.????????????
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