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  1. Oh so true....except...I think you have the best smile messed up...that would have to be me of course.... but the lottery ticket and losing it...you have that RIGHT!! Seems like I always lose things huh? ha ha!! Vaughn, come on now. You now my smile lights up your heart. Your thinking of me smiling right now, and your happy. Admit it. Ya you would lose the damn lotto ticket. And I will call you when I'm done movin in, I'm sorry im so busy.
  2. I've debated with both big tubs of luv. Any Formation of these three would be a round I would hate to judge. Not Spark, Malthus...
  3. Ill kill Vaughn, I'm sooo there. I'll need a partner, but I'll get one, or maybe I don't need a partner........muhahahahahah
  4. Where is All State and who is running it? I wanna come!!
  5. word, okay instead of just me it's Greathouse and Dontae. Your just a close second bud....and ya I'm at MSC right now. I need to hit up your brother, we are going to come down and beat that ass, watch your back buddy.....and Dan is the smartest person ever.
  6. best looking- Me most likely to succeed- Me best smile- Me most likely to go to hollywood- Me most likely to win the lottery and lose the ticket- Vaughn most annoying- Tom, absolutely Tom....hahaha funniest- Me biggest pimp- Me most thugish- Me most likely to piss everyone off- Me, all day moat likely to....you get the f'n picture...
  7. I'm reading this website.......that's it.
  8. I read the thread before looking at the options and knew I was going to answer Tom.
  9. ugh, you're a joke kid. The first two threads I looked at you were arguing all over them. And your "productive discussions" are getting nowhere. You are using cross-x to let out rage, it's a teenager thing. I think they are calling it cyber-rage. Just get some meds and go work on your blocks man. Ya your aff is air force/space. You run ur mouth you'll get targeted.
  10. Okay lets go through this. Wheeler kid, stop acting like a douche to someone who has pumped her life into debate. You just want to argue with people because you are pubescent and hormonial...suppress those feelings until the weekend. Novice is NOT broken. Teams like Columbus, Trion, Even your school, are getting kids out of novice faster and into more competitive rounds because of this system. The system doesn't need checks, the kids get the basics of debate and they move on to learn advance debating....Why are you bitching about a system that 1) you have no influence in changing or even maintaining, and 2) that you don't even compete in. That's not the only way. Some elitist college debater who already knows how he/she is going to vote, doesn't help. I am a college debater, I teach debaters, and half of them don't even listen to what I am saying, much less comprehend it and use it as an actual debate argument. O ya, that's the Cross-X 101 class I took....don't you see. okay find me a 200 page growth good file on cross-x. go..... Yes, 300 football teams with the same playbook would compete. It would be a rat race to see who completed those 300 plays faster and more efficiently. A rat race just like to debate. Kids will have to learn to debate the warrants. You know nothing about financial and evidence situations of other schools....don't assume anything. I can 10 schools with more evidence and less money than your school. gloat a little?..... If you would stop sounding like an arrogant, pompus jackass, you wouldn't be personally attacked. You are pissing off a lot of people kid, I suggest stop. And your aff is trash by the way. Mrs. R, I'd like to apologize for ##### kid. As I was once the ######## person ever, I should say that it is very hard to realize your own arrogance in high school. This thread is a loaded topic meant to insight arguments.
  11. Dan is my groupie....his groupies are just my groupies indirectly. And Malthus solves the alternate casaulity.....or something....
  12. I think you should be able to do whatever the hell you want in a debate round. Wether that is defocating in a bag, using a computer, or looking on someone's computer to read ev. Really guys, it's not hard to say, "Hey, can you show me the evidence you read on ur laptop." Laptops, along with other booming forms of technology, are a party of society and daily lives. To limit or ban is dumb.... No You can't
  13. I don't believe you, you partied all day....I'm sure of it
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