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  1. Obama will lose for the following reasons: 1) He is black - alot of people, at least in my community do not trust blacks. (those are not my personal views, i am not a racist) 2) is middle name is hussein. i do not support those affiliated with al qaeda or the terrorist network, and i feel alot of others do also. Clinton will lose for the following reasons: 1) shes a women. and probally a dyke.
  2. At least in our circuit, Matt Thompson and Liam Culhane are perhaps the best team ever in South Dakota.
  3. juno was one of those liberal ass hippie mud rolling indie ass gay movies that suck agreed???
  5. None of the real good South Dakota teams will be going. SFL is alright.
  6. Barely - http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/usnews/edu/grad/rankings/law/brief/lawrank_brief.php
  7. good life...20k posts
  8. You are not funny or witty, you go to Wayne State College. That is all that should be said, and now your going to be Great Plains Moderator, go tell all your friends you won some election on a Debate Forum. GOOD JOB! I CAN TELL YOU'RE GONNA BE A LEADER SOME DAY!
  9. It's turning out to as we expected Zack, thanks for asking. How about your's? PPS --Take your small talk and go fuck yourself.
  10. I remember those times...those were very dark times in Great Plains History. The person in question was in fact, the hugest TROLL in Cross-x history. Due to my actions, we brought up the Impeachment trial, and although we didn't succeed, BrentK did not seek re-election that year. Damn those were good times, we stood up and fought for justice. And now, the time has come again, my candidacy is a hallmark for what we stood for, and what we plan to accomplish. BrentK is down, and now we have one more to go - RedandBlackRevolution!
  11. I've got it...just PM me...
  12. I have all of those including the D.D. DA 2NC/1NR startegies. PM me.
  13. nobody asked you a goddamned thing.
  14. I can say this, and I will be honest. I have fake accounts. I do. But I only have like 3 of them. So, 22 Voters - 4 of mine = 18 real votes.
  15. FOR IMEDIATE RELEASE Watertown, SD -- Great Plains Frontrunner Dexter F. Mondale (R-SD) responds to remarks by Communist RedandBlackRevolution!, "This Nebraskan comes from a University with one of the highest acceptance rates in the nation and thinks he can throw arguments out and expect them to have credability, well, I for one won't respond to someone who isn't from one of the more elite schools in this country - so this takes out mostly all of those other commies from Nebraska." Mondale currently leads all potential moderators in the most recent Exit Poll, by a substantial margin. Mondale's campaign also indicates he has no relation to 1984 Failure Walter "Fritz" Mondale and his username was used to mock the Minnesotan. "Even though he lost in 1984, he lost to one of the greatest Presidents in our history, one that put people like Alex Stamm in his place," claims Mondale. -#-
  16. good luck putting that to use... and you can make the same argument for the 4 or 5 peole that you named for your shitty public midwestern school
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