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  2. TEAMS AND JUDGES FOR SUNDAY MORNING Varsity CX Teams in Octas, Bracket Order 1. Baltimore City College MN 2. Dunwoody GH 3. Chattahoochee CK 4. Pace Academy KS 5. Mountain Brook MS 6. Gulliver Prep ZB 7. St. Johns HF 8. Thomas Johnson FG 9. Henry W. Grady CD 10. National Cathedral SS 11. Little Rock Central WS 12. River Hill GC 13. St. Vincent De Paul SF 14. Edgemont MX 15. Johns Creek KT 16. Pace Academy ES JV CX Teams in Quarters, Bracket Order 1. Chattahoochee PA 2. Mountain Brook SN 3. Alpharetta MK 4. Johns Creek SS 5. Alpharetta High HR 6. Johns Creek FS 7. Pace Academy LS 8. Mountain Brook RG Judges for the Morning (both divisions, not in order) Garrett Abelkop Dave Arnett R. Jarrod Atchison Amanda Atkins Ken Bailey Dineth Bandarage Brendon Bankey Darryl Burch Michael Carlotti Michael Crowe Joel Diamond Erica Duff Eddie Fitzgerald Kirk Gibson Ben Hagwood Kevin Hamrick Andrew Hart Jenny Heidt Shunta Jordan Aaron Kall Fernando Kirkman Sara Kirsch Maddie Langr Joe LeDuc Geoff Lundeen Matt Malia Calum Matheson Steve Mancuso Andrew McCarty Nate Milton Richard Min Jack Parker Amanda Pham Robbie Quinn Andrea Reed Sara Sanchez
  3. Hi, I am looking into judging/coaching/cutting cards for the TOC/NFLs. I'm currently a senior at Trinity University. Just qualled for my third NDT. Got to the octas last year. Been in several out rounds this year, won a tournament, beat a couple first rounds. If you would like to contact me you can reach me at brendonbankey@gmail.com
  4. Lol...let me know when she cites an actual Turkish official instead of a mythical proliferation fairy.
  5. Thank you for the kind words. To clear things up: Ovais (not Oavis) Carly (not Karly) Brendon (not Brendan) Emory IW lost in the quarters. We did indeed lose in the octas. I have also had the chance to interact with the mythical one they call Eric Lanning. It only happened once long ago and I don't think I will ever have an experience as uniquely fulfilling. More importantly, Peter Susko 4 life.
  6. bankey


    BG def. Whitney Young 3-0
  7. there's a card written by Hanna which claims a new nazi race war is coming and will cause extinction, I don't have the cites though
  8. Sorry I'm late on the response... I agree with you that Nietzsche says tech is bad, as does Fasching. The point is that things like nuclear weapons exist and they can't be wished away by the alternative. Saying tech bad is not an answer to "tech exists now and we should find solutions to it."
  9. bankey

    diss tracks

    The Game isn't pissed about DOA, he's mad because he thinks there's a reference to him in the Intro track to the Blueprint 3.
  10. QFA. UMich's files nuke war --> extinction cards are all Sagan based, which is laughable.
  11. Step 1. Stop trolling cross-x. Step 2. Acquire "The Ethical Challenge of Auschwitz and Hiroshima: Apocalypse or Utopia," by Darrell J. Fasching Step 3. Read and cut cards His argument is that Nietzsche's philosophy is unfit for the technological age, and that only ethics can mediate existential crises, namely nuclear weapons use. This book does not have a good handle on Rasch/Schmitt, so you'll have to look elsewhere to answer those links.
  12. I think Michigan is working/worked on a homelessness aff based on Darrell J. Fasching's writings. He's a Christian Theologian at the University of South Florida.
  13. Same difference. There's no way to qualify what a specific CP is so that counter interpretation doesn't mean anything.
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