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  1. Annie chen right? thatd be my guess as to who you're talking about.
  2. im not sure about how wisconsin is going to look yet. havent gotten much of a chance to scope out the comp but ill let yall know a-sap.
  3. DJFI this year was awesome!!! I pwn the courts so dn't even think about taking me up on it and not to mention the DJHC(diet jaffe house cleaning) was truly inspirational. I plan to attned their next year and i think that all should too.
  4. Misha, why does everyone think you're such an asshat? You seem pretty gree to me.
  5. i saw this girl named elizabeth in finals of maine east. she was good, and i think she's from Illinois. she's probably gonna do awesome next year.
  6. ok oriole, or perhaps your area debate is equivelent to john kerry and our president arguing over their military records in nam. and also, to throw a bit of offense of you flowing team mates losing records, they do go to 'camden yards?' too right? eh?
  7. SPASH Db8r

    Hooking up

    got that right bub. note: the sarcasm was understood, but it was awful and not worthy of actual recognition.
  8. SPASH Db8r

    Hooking up

    maybe bc most people figure out that its a joke? not everyone's a moronic ass-panther like you, john.
  9. congrats, you elitist michigan jerks.
  10. SPASH Db8r

    Hooking up

    aww yall are sweet. actully i was just trying to figure out debaters, sheesh. you know what happens when you assume dont you. you make an ass our of u and me.(bold spells assume).
  11. SPASH Db8r

    Hooking up

    Who likes getting with* people? Getting with: anything you can think of.
  12. effort was there, yet it would have been better if it wasn't.
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