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  1. Have you ever actually read Marx? Your understanding of the emergence of communist thought is in need of adjustment.
  2. I was wondering if people could point me in the direction of some of Derrida's texts on Messianism. I know he wrote about it in Specters of Marx, but has he written about it in other works? Much thanks.
  3. I love how most of the faces are of overweight white males.
  4. On the national circuit it is usually unnecessary, and probably risky, to specify where the funding for your plan comes from. Most judges are not interested in voting on an argument like F-spec, but they will probably be willing to vote on extra-topicality if you specify where the money comes from. They'll think you're using it to spike out of spending DAs and the like.
  5. On the national circuit, the 1NR is considered by most to be a constructive like the 2NC. Based upon that understanding of the role of the 1NR, new evidence is perfectly acceptable. Reading an entirely new off case tends to be less accepted in a lot of regions. Either way you shouldn't be reading new off case in the 1NR because it's strategically disadvantageous.
  6. Well, it depends on the country but there are a few reasons. First, many countries don't recognize the independence of the countries because of their own secessionist movements and their fears surrounding them. Though that should be obvious. The other main reason is that most nations don't want to legitimize Russia's (or any other country's) expansionism/aggression in violation of international law. Fear of Russian aggression is certainly a motivating factor for many European and post-Soviet countries.
  7. This is something I appreciate about his writing. Being a "main character" does not exempt you from death. It adds a bit more depth to his writings than many fantasy novels can handle.
  8. Exactly. At least with shit like Big Rigs its comedic how bad it is. But with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, its just terrible.
  9. The problem with those types of projections is that they tend to just extrapolate off of current economic growth rates and tendencies. While an okay indicator for the future there is a great deal of potential inaccuracy because it is based upon the assumption that this sort of growth is sustainable. China has a large number of problems with poverty, education, illiberalness, an aging population etc that may cripple its ability to maintain a high rate of growth Check this paper out: http://www.hoover.org/publications/policyreview/3439671.html Its about the demographics among powers in Asia. Demographics are important for looking at longer term economic potential because the size and age of the work force are essential to determining economic output. The US does pretty well when placed next to China and Russia. Also this paper is pretty good. It gives an interesting look at the prospects for growth between liberal India and illiberal China and proposes that democracy might be the key to sustained growth: http://www.foreignpolicy.com/story/cms.php?story_id=4345 This last article is also interesting. Rather than make projections about growth rates it attempts to analyze the way in which the economy is evolving and then looks at which power will be best suited to take advantage of the economic conditions that maximize growth: http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/63722/anne-marie-slaughter/americas-edge
  10. No, he was just never particularly socially conservative. He's more the military industrial "I can make a lot of money off war" type of conservative.
  11. Personal least favorite is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for the NES. I would recommend trying it once, you'll see what I mean.
  12. Maybe you confused CATO with Kato? I could Spanos not being a fan of the former.
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