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  1. I'd like to apologize before anyone states their natural offense towards this article. Not only are there minor factual errors, but errors in the way the author of the article interpretted the information she recieved from us. First, we never claimed to use "Urban" style to our advantage, although questions aimed originally at me could have been leading to our novices; I would imagine they were a good source of disinformation. Second, I regret the fact that my "quote" was severely taken out of context, as well as there were a few key words missing. My claim wasn't intended tocome off as obnoxious as it did. The idea was more that I feel I could win "rounds" with my novice Karl, as my lack of winning tournaments is a check on my ego. Benoit isn't ONE of our coaches, he's our ONLY coach (picture caption was misleading). Oh yeah, we dont use hip hop either...Yet.
  2. The point wouldnt be to advocate it but to show that whatever they are criticizing doesnt warrant a neg ballot as of the alternative, assuming the alt is ,utually exclusive. IE, there is no reason to go for an alt taht precludes the aff, when there are other methods to solve the K.
  3. I'm not sayiong this is necessarily the best idea, it's just floating around in my head. What do you all think about "counter alternatives". The idea being that the 2ac would be read an "alternative" that could solve the links and isn't mutually exclusive, proving that there are other alternatives to the neg advocacy that would be preferable because they allow the plan. I guess it would be a variation of the more conventional "net benefit" to th eperm, but much more specific.
  4. Defeat is a much too negative word to described anything having to do with that round.
  5. Con Johnnor

    Focault Alt

    What zizek card do you use to perm disads? I may have misunderstood you.
  6. Con Johnnor

    Focault Alt

    TOC champ jumps from point A to point Q, except "Q" is in Latin. Someone should compose a list of posters whos comments cannot be taken seriously. We must protect the novices.
  7. John Connor and armondo Garcia
  8. Matt Andrews seemed like a cool guy to me. What happened in that round?
  9. Does anyone know if hybrids would be allowed? Hmm, this is interesting. I've heard from several people that the tournament is being held this weekend and not next... Also, I'm pretty sure you can still register. I was just indirectly invited about 20 minutes ago. Scott Deathrage (sp?) emailed Les Lynn, (head of UDL), who emailed my coach, who called me.
  10. You're missing an internal link there. Where do you get from seeing people shot and blown up in Iraq, to war being necessary? You could probrably claim some short term military advantages, like increased number of people that are essentially non militaristic allows for better peace process and rebuilding of Iraq. Then claim that their experience leads to increased participation in possible war politics back home. And chill, I know that untopical cases lead to bad debates, you're not educating anyone.
  11. Be a little more creative. I was thinking like a forced draft of...maybe house wives? Something like that. By anti-topical advantages I just mean advantages that seem to oppose the general nature of the resolution. Besides, only boring people run topical affs.
  12. You can do him a favor and either participate in the thread productively by helping with his inquiry or shutting up. Forget draft good, make antitopical advantages;you can claim to solve for militarism by opening peoples eyes to the brutality of war.
  13. You made that sound way too threatening...but I love you anyway. In response to this "philosophy class and debate" thing going on; Either Andrew is right, or it doesn't matter. You can't say that Plato is being taught at Lane while Heidegger is being taught/translated in the burbs, because it's not true.
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