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  1. I will be working at the U of Oregon this summer. This is my first summer workshop (besides running the Call of the Loon-which Xylum is modeled after) in 10 years where I will lead a lab. Come make this a great experience. I will promise to be fully engaged. Massey - OU Debate
  2. snarf...keeping it anonymous....lol...
  3. Do you work or coach any college teams, there is a real easy way to settle this...
  4. You really think those are good answers?....lol...
  5. just so you have answers to answers...
  6. my advice is do not say: - Heg/economy...etc...your impacts are non-unique -Backlash .... its a form of genocide denial - Indian identity bad ... you must be able to distinguish between the colonized and the colonizer - Ward bad....he's not..and there are many other authors that say the same thing.. Also, there are many different ways this argument can be deployed.. a. give back the land --- 1/3 of all unceded treaty lands b. US Off the planet..... impossible realism.. c. Colonialism bad ..makes our impacts non unique, your colonialist d. White philosophy crowd out..if you read critical arguments.... If affirmative, you need to cut some cards on why you are ant-colonialist...or why you are a negative action....if you say right wing/war/US leadership good things, then you need to defend genocide good..... If negative..common arguments/and large debates that happen is capitalism vs. colonialism.....or anti-redness crowds out anti-blackness.... I hope this helps... Jackie
  7. Hello, There is a brief discussion on the history of the Kritik in college debate. I wanted to tell everyone that I am almost done with the Critical Debaters Handbook Part 2..."Debate Critical Affirmatives" Peace, Jackie
  8. The OU Debate Team is hosting a free High School Debate workshop this weekend. Check out soonerdebateworkshop.com for more information. Jackie
  9. There are some here at Oklahoma and at other places I know of like Fullerton and I think NYU. But not many native american students in debate either. Which is still a product of debate being lodged in "whiteness".
  10. Before we can go on..can you please define whiteness, white supremacy, anti-blackness (everyone is missing out here) and white privilege? No one asked you to show up and protect the community, but you chose to speak up, and if you are exhausted it is because you talk in circles. My warrants are the words above, and you can't really wikipedia them either. I don't have to look for racism in debate, its apparent at every national level tournament you attend. Study up....
  11. "I do not, on the other hand, think it is nearly as productive to argue over whether so-and-so incident constitutes an act of racism. I get that there is value to pointing out instances of racism as a precursor for demanding reform. On a separate note, I even think there is TREMENDOUS value to pointing out that DD was the only black judge in the PF pool. But when the linkage of so-and-so incident and race is ambiguous to a point where the devolution of the discussion into uninformed speculation becomes inevitable, the discussion is no longer worthwhile because it doesn't actually do anything to promote the rectification of the overarching problem at hand. Just your opinion. Where are your warrants? We all have our opinions on UDL's. Some good some bad. Volunteering for a UDL doesn't address the day to day decisions that occur in the activity. Why is it not worthwhile? And to who? That alone is an opinion. I think it is very worthwhile. I think people need to reflect, not deflect. You are deflecting.. Here is what I am getting - Leaving racism in place and not pointing it out when it rears its head is better than pointing it out because it could reify it more? Not sure what that view gets you except more of the same old same old....
  12. You can separate race from the issue just like you can separate values from policies, discourse from plans and stripes from the zebra........ This claim about core, or entirety of the situation....what are you talking about. That makes about as much sense as separating the mind from the body......
  13. I don't think you understand. This is not a "debate" and you can't separate the incident. You said some good things, but what I am saying is that you can't separate racial issues from the other issues in this incident. Impossible. A lot of people are really afraid to talk about racism. They are afraid to identify friends and people in the community as racists. So then it gets buried under the guise of "it had to be something else". So though you think you engaged in an innocent act of trying to be fair, what's fair isnt really fair....if you can understand that.....Race was an issue, because it was a non-white individual in a predominately white activity. First time ever. My point is not to demonize you, but rather try to explain how we can't cover stuff like this up in colorblindness. Massey
  14. Example: In the whole thread here, the most positive rep goes to the post that says "Im going to avoid the racial element of this discussion" So I understand if your in high school and you dont understand whiteness, white supremacy, privilege or racism. You can't leave the racial element aside, thats the point. It is cold in the middle of the incident. Proves my point as far as the relatedness of this thread to this community.
  15. 11.00 Email..soonerdebate.com
  16. Race, Racism, White Supremacy and Privilege. Sometimes these terms are woven together. Why are people afraid of admitting they do racist things. I do. I try to acknowledge it as a problem and acknowledge my role or participation in the problem. I used to justify striking black judges as a justification for competitive reasons. This is ironic. If 2 black debaters debate 2 white debaters, we see it fair if its a white judge. If 2 black debaters debate 2 white debaters it becomes unfair if their is a black judge. I have a team that go a full year and only have 1-2 black judges. Many coaches set back and justify removing the black from the room by using more subtle tactics and terminology such as competition, or preference or style. The speed, the dialect, the culture, the lingo...all of this is cultural privilege that most people take for granted..."norms of whiteness - what is good and preferred for and by white people - My original post says those coaches who pushed the changing of the decision need to understand their privilege and their role in abusing that privilege to not accept what we all accept every time we go to a tournament, a loss. Swallow it. There is no reason or justification that african american students are very rarely represented in outrounds at national level tournaments, at the same tournaments most people who read this thread attend, and this says something about all of us. Nobody is excluded. Racism is not out there. It's in here. Just like its in college debate and just likes its permeating public forum debate. The counterfactual should be - What if 2 students of any color challenged the decision of any non-black judge would they just give a double win? No, My proof - History - This was the first time a double win has ever been given at the TOC in any event. Judges being struck in public forum...hmm...and the qualifications for judging this event are?..... The initial response to this post of "my movement" proves how people desire to, as Malcolm Once said, "Agree with your goals, just disagree with your methods"... You are the movement. And either yo move one way or the other. The appeal to be "non-controversial" is laughable somewhat. People need to be shook. They need to almost repent, not have their egos stroked as good deliberators. The non controversial method has failed us. We have all failed to be honest. And the remedy is not out there with some collective action, its in your mind and heart where you actually try and acknowledge that a problem exists and you play a role in that problem and until we/you are proactive, the problem will continue in more effective and covert ways. Thanks CJ Massey
  17. As I said, I realized I misunderstood your post, but you did say "Listing those complaints here and vauguely so with no context is really probably not helpful." and before I posted hear I decided there was utility in such. I am not talking about soccer, or even dramatic duet, I am talking about another event that most people here do participate in. I am sure others can provide context of the situation. And are your 100 percent positive "that the people that were involved in that process are not sitting here looking at CX. " ? We can take it as a misunderstanding.
  18. I realized that, I am just pissed right now that people let this happen. If there was PublicForums.com I would be all over it believe me.
  19. From my understanding, this was not the one instance where anti-blackness reared its head at a very important and symbolic "debate" tournament. Black judges were almost systematically struck and removed from debates. I mean, from my understanding, there were nil or very few black judges in Policy Debate at the tournament. That seems to be a problem for those who are reading this here also.
  20. Not sure what your point is CJC.....many of the people here participate in Public Forum. Many coaches coach public forum. Skip the thread if it hassles your eyes...this community suffers from the same ills, so racism is not "out there" somewhere..... Yes, I am not just discussing this in cross-x.com.. peace
  21. Just cause I mention racism doesnt mean its a movement...I was sincere enough to put a question mark to erase such absolutism... Metaphorically, it was a racist shooting...
  22. Okay, guns were not fired, but privilege was abound. At least it got your attention though. It would be very uncommon since there are very few black people in debate to be shot. Just a brief spray of white privilege keeps the black people away. How many times has a judges debate decision been overturned because they felt the judge was unfair towards one team? This may happen a lot, and i don't know about it, but is it common? Thoughts? For those who pursued the overturn....did you take your privilege into consideration? I understand it was Public Forum. What are challenges and do they give double wins? How often does it happen?
  23. Hey, as usual, Ninjas are right, I don't, but Dr. Snider at debate.uvm.edu has a website with videos, and if you email him, he has a booklet he calls the Code of the Debater if your interested in such things.
  24. I have this in my handbook of course...but your structure of your 1nc needs to be based on the 1ac a little bit. Most of the time you can leave space in the 1nc for the insert of a link card specific to the affirmative. A good argument makes many arguments...... your 1nc should do a few things.. 1. Deny the truth claims of the aff....you cant be weighing your impacts vs. the affirmative...most judges vote for extinction.... that means == the way the define their problem is flawed...what they call a problem is flawed...and their solution is flawed.....so when you read 1 off, your not just spotting them their affirmative, but you have strategic methods of engagement..... 2. Say how they make things worse......IE -- link impact of your criticism...or case turns..... this is where your case specific impacts become DA's to the permutation if you frame your alternative correctly....the more specific your argument is to the aff, the better....do some research....you will be surprised how specific K links can be.... 3. What's the most important thing in the debate........This is where you say things like "ontology comes first" or "prioritization comes first" or "value to life comes first" in the 2nc and 2nr you should be well prepared to debate out this argument.... 4. Whats your alternative? in the handbook, i say the K's where the alt is reject the affirmative are the best.... the main reason is you disconnect all of the aff. alt theory args....if your alt. is in any way saying that "we should thinks' a certain way or "all foreign policy should be approached this way" then you bit the every other instance perm....I think,,,you need to be able to argue that there is value in saying no to the affirmative....and that the affirmative is bad....... how do you see it this way....well..some bad things exist in the world only because people act/discursively construct our world this way.....to say no to the aff. is to say that your discursive act perpeatuates the problem.... Another framing for a 1 off.... A. x is the root cause of your aff.... B. Your aff. perpetuates X.... C. only be refusing to engage in acts such as X can we find alternatives, otherwise your aff impacts are inevitable, and the aff only makes them worse..... Peace, Jackie Massey Soonerdebate.com
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