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  1. I will be working at the U of Oregon this summer. This is my first summer workshop (besides running the Call of the Loon-which Xylum is modeled after) in 10 years where I will lead a lab. Come make this a great experience. I will promise to be fully engaged. Massey - OU Debate
  2. snarf...keeping it anonymous....lol...
  3. Do you work or coach any college teams, there is a real easy way to settle this...
  4. You really think those are good answers?....lol...
  5. just so you have answers to answers...
  6. my advice is do not say: - Heg/economy...etc...your impacts are non-unique -Backlash .... its a form of genocide denial - Indian identity bad ... you must be able to distinguish between the colonized and the colonizer - Ward bad....he's not..and there are many other authors that say the same thing.. Also, there are many different ways this argument can be deployed.. a. give back the land --- 1/3 of all unceded treaty lands b. US Off the planet..... impossible realism.. c. Colonialism bad ..makes our impacts non unique, your colonialist d. White philosophy crowd out..if you read critical arguments.... If affirmative, you need to cut some cards on why you are ant-colonialist...or why you are a negative action....if you say right wing/war/US leadership good things, then you need to defend genocide good..... If negative..common arguments/and large debates that happen is capitalism vs. colonialism.....or anti-redness crowds out anti-blackness.... I hope this helps... Jackie
  7. Hello, There is a brief discussion on the history of the Kritik in college debate. I wanted to tell everyone that I am almost done with the Critical Debaters Handbook Part 2..."Debate Critical Affirmatives" Peace, Jackie
  8. The OU Debate Team is hosting a free High School Debate workshop this weekend. Check out soonerdebateworkshop.com for more information. Jackie
  9. There are some here at Oklahoma and at other places I know of like Fullerton and I think NYU. But not many native american students in debate either. Which is still a product of debate being lodged in "whiteness".
  10. Before we can go on..can you please define whiteness, white supremacy, anti-blackness (everyone is missing out here) and white privilege? No one asked you to show up and protect the community, but you chose to speak up, and if you are exhausted it is because you talk in circles. My warrants are the words above, and you can't really wikipedia them either. I don't have to look for racism in debate, its apparent at every national level tournament you attend. Study up....
  11. "I do not, on the other hand, think it is nearly as productive to argue over whether so-and-so incident constitutes an act of racism. I get that there is value to pointing out instances of racism as a precursor for demanding reform. On a separate note, I even think there is TREMENDOUS value to pointing out that DD was the only black judge in the PF pool. But when the linkage of so-and-so incident and race is ambiguous to a point where the devolution of the discussion into uninformed speculation becomes inevitable, the discussion is no longer worthwhile because it doesn't actually do anything to promote the rectification of the overarching problem at hand. Just your opinion. Where are your warrants? We all have our opinions on UDL's. Some good some bad. Volunteering for a UDL doesn't address the day to day decisions that occur in the activity. Why is it not worthwhile? And to who? That alone is an opinion. I think it is very worthwhile. I think people need to reflect, not deflect. You are deflecting.. Here is what I am getting - Leaving racism in place and not pointing it out when it rears its head is better than pointing it out because it could reify it more? Not sure what that view gets you except more of the same old same old....
  12. You can separate race from the issue just like you can separate values from policies, discourse from plans and stripes from the zebra........ This claim about core, or entirety of the situation....what are you talking about. That makes about as much sense as separating the mind from the body......
  13. I don't think you understand. This is not a "debate" and you can't separate the incident. You said some good things, but what I am saying is that you can't separate racial issues from the other issues in this incident. Impossible. A lot of people are really afraid to talk about racism. They are afraid to identify friends and people in the community as racists. So then it gets buried under the guise of "it had to be something else". So though you think you engaged in an innocent act of trying to be fair, what's fair isnt really fair....if you can understand that.....Race was an issue, because it was a non-white individual in a predominately white activity. First time ever. My point is not to demonize you, but rather try to explain how we can't cover stuff like this up in colorblindness. Massey
  14. Example: In the whole thread here, the most positive rep goes to the post that says "Im going to avoid the racial element of this discussion" So I understand if your in high school and you dont understand whiteness, white supremacy, privilege or racism. You can't leave the racial element aside, thats the point. It is cold in the middle of the incident. Proves my point as far as the relatedness of this thread to this community.
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