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    The other dinosaur at North
  1. Actually, for your former coach, I'm pretty sure it is not.
  2. Belske

    NFL Clearing

    I know Neal Sonneman from Goddard made Semis in House. I was his parlimentarian and he did a nice job.
  3. Finally something Mr. Volen and I can agree on.
  4. Sweeps: 3rd--Topeka 287 points 2nd--Garden City 301 points 1st--Blue Valley North 315 points Poetry: 6th--Alex Larkins--SMS 5th--Audrey Altwies--Olathe South 4th--Ashley Kennedy--Lawrence 3rd--Todd Wells--Garden City 2nd--Lucas Chavez--Garden City 1st--Devin Burns--Olathe South Prose: 6th--Sam Perez--Garden City 5th--Cari Crittenden--Wichita East 4th--Carina Fowler--Lawrence 3rd--Mandy Browning--Olathe South 2nd--Amanda Dahna--Dodge City 1st--Shaun Sutton--Blue Valley North LD Debate 6th--Alonso Pena--GC 5th--Andrew Birkinsha--SMW 4th--Mili Echeverria--WaRu 3rd--Chad Bergman--ONW 2nd--Zach Huston--ONW 1st--Norin Ansari--Wichita East HI 6th--Emily Boresow--BVN 5th--Shaelynn French--Derby 4th--Carina Fowler--Lawrence 3rd--Tom Browne--Topeka High 2nd--Adrianna Turner--Wichita East 1st--Shane Rogers--Campus DI 6th--Tom Browne--Topeka 5th--Emily Cox--Wichita East 4th--Emily Boresow--BVN 3rd--Jordan Partin--GC 2nd--Catie Buckley--Manhattan 1st--Adrianna Turner--Wichita East Duet 6th--Hostetler & Chacon--Dodge City 5th--Norquest & Koskal--Garden City 4th--Nelson & Peterson--BVN 3rd--Sutton & Ireland--BVN 2nd--Barnard & Bolton--BV 1st--Rossier & Joyce--BVN DUO 6th--French & Rose--Derby 5th--Carey & Kenney--SME 4th--Burns & Cruz--Olathe South 3rd--DeCoursey & Powell--BVN 2nd--Sabates & Gray--SME 1st--Easley & Roberts--BVN Impromptu 6th--Colton Tatham--Olathe South 5th--Andrew Jamison--Goddard 4th--Hannah Kapp-Klote--Free State 3rd--Luke Brinker--Topeka 2nd--Josh Dean--BV 1st--Morgan Lott--GC Info 6th--Veronica Shipley--Olathe South 5th--Hannah Pauls--Manhattan 4th--Courtney Seddon--Derby 3rd--Hannah Joens--Topeka High 2nd--Grace Gaumnitz--SM West 1st--Tina Wu--Manhattan OO 6th--Varsha Subramanyam--SMS 5th--Taylor Nichols--BV 4th--Jessica Berberich--OS 3rd--Evan Hernandez--Wichita East 2nd--Morgan Lott--GC 1st--Eric Moody--Goddard FX 6th--Hannah Kapp Klote--Free State 5th--Matt Bevens--Topeka 4th--Jessica Berberich--Olathe South 3rd--Luke Brinker--Topeka 2nd--Jonathan Lewallen--Wichita East 1st--Josh Dean--BV DX 6th--Tyler Joe--Maize 5th--Brayden Barrientez--Campus 4th--Samantha Nichols--BV 3rd--Anna Hamilton--Topeka High 2nd--Kendall Kaut--Olathe North 1st--Audrey Ballard--Manhattan
  5. Did you qualify for either NCFL or NFL Nationals in Policy Debate? If so, yes you may. You can to as many as three tournaments out of state. If not, then no, you may not. Your season would be over. It's as simple as that.
  6. Belske


    Full results are available in the Great Plains forum. I think 4 Kansas teams broke.
  7. No, its colin curtis originally from Sumner, now at KSU.

  8. Belske

    Regional Results

    From Olathe North: Class 4A 1. Sumner Academy 2. Tonganoxie Class 6A 1. Olathe North 7-3, 20 ballots 2. Olathe South 7-3, 18 ballots Sorry, don't have exact records in front of me for 4A Belske
  9. Is this Mr. Cockerham?

  10. Anyone interested in judging the 6A/4A regional at Olathe North for some cash (actually a check), please PM me and we can discuss the detail. This offer is good until we have the number of judges we need for all 5 rounds. Tournament will be on Saturday, December 20 only. You do need to be in your 2nd year out in order to judge regionals. Let me (or Swanson) know if you are interested and we will give you more details. Belske
  11. Just a clarification. If you look at the manual, Forensics tournaments can start after January 1, but few, if any, of us go to tournaments until after state debate because we are busy getting ready for state. Otherwise, Mr. Volen, you are correct sir! Hey-O! (obsecure Ed McMahon/Johnny Carson reference few on here will get.) Belske
  12. Spring forward, fall back. Everyone gets an extra hour of sleep Sunday.
  13. Actually, daylight savings time ends this Saturday. We are headed into what is called standard time. Belske
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