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  1. I recently moved to the DC area (on the Maryland side) and I'm looking to get involved again in debate but I'm not sure where to start. I debated in high school (some national tournaments but mostly local and regional) and some in college (mostly JV). In the past I've done a lot of judging and some coaching, but I have not been involved with the community very much for the last 4 years. If anyone had any suggestions for tournaments in the area that might need to hire judges, schools that might need to hire coaches, or volunteer opportunities to help out with high school debate in the area, I would appreciate it. Alternatively, if anyone has any contacts in the area that might be willing to talk to me, that would be helpful. My debate career was very Texas centric and I don't know much about debate in the DC area.
  2. A:What's the status of the K and the Counter Plan? N: Propositional. A: What does that mean? N: It's hard to explain.
  3. The amounts you can expect also depend on whether you are willing to also provide coaching and/or cutting updates (if you are judging for a school), whether you're willing to stay to judge outrounds, and where/what kind of tournament you're dealing with. For example, the norm in Texas for CX tournaments a couple of years ago was $125 for a 2 day tournament when being paid by the tournament. Some tournaments pay by the round and some pay by the tournament for you to be available for a certain number of rounds. The latter is usually (but not always) a better deal.
  4. Well, I don't see anyone else in this thread with that same IP. I'd do a site wide search but it looks like mods aren't able to look up users by IP or vice versa. I think we used to but I'm not too sure.
  5. Maybe I've been out of the loop, but Northwestern and Harvard seem noticeably absent from these lists.
  6. I'm not sure how it wound up in Misc since there are no posts showing the chain, but oh well. Off to Arts!
  7. How so? I would prefer to be governed by someone who was either smart enough or invested enough in the value of education to get better grades. Many Christian candidates, such as Obama, accept the scientific method and support evidence based judgements. That a candidate does not accept evolution is not an indication that they "reject[] all science," but rather that they base their views of how the world functions in such a way that openly ignores evidence. There is a big difference in believing in the unprovable (e.g. religion) and disbelieving the proven. This is the thought process point that Ian brought up. You bring up a good point that it may only be a political move. This is hard to say. I would hope that Paul with his advanced training in science that he would know better than to actually believe what he articulates. I'd like to say that there's something worrying about a politician lying to the public, but to say one could base one's voting decision on that would be naive. This is true, but as Ian hints at, there probably aren't any other electable candidates willing to cut spending either. Cutting spending has some popularity in the abstract, but when you get to specific discussions of where the money should come from it becomes politically impossible, in the current social climate. To paraphrase John Steward, something is only an entitlement if it benefits somebody else. If you are benefiting then it is the hallmark of a civilized society.
  8. Also: Romney - Magic Underwear Perry - Graduated from a state school with a 2.2GPA. Bachman - Has never sponsored a bill that later became law. Paul - Does not understand evolution. Litmus test failed.
  9. Well, unless you're planning on voting for someone other than me. In that case I'd prefer that you do vote for Paul Ryan.
  10. He will not secure the Republican nomination and will thus not be an electable candidate. Feel free to vote for him in the primaries though.
  11. Perhaps a better question then is, "What is the net present value of the cost of war?" or the like.
  12. http://www.democracynow.org/blog/2011/7/5/watch_full_video_of_wikileaks_julian_assange_philosopher_slavoj_iek_with_amy_goodman Feel free to move if you think there is a more appropriate sub forum for this.
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