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    I'm a second year policy debater, extemper of the foreign variety, congress representative, and orator. on the side, i play soccer and like any good cross-x'er, and hopelessly consumed with my events, thus most of my friends are debaters. c'est la vi
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  1. for anyone old-school enough to know who i am, i'm judging also, a question. i havent judged yet this year, but i just saw a thread that says judges can't flow on laptops? will that be enforced at this tournament?
  2. Kate O'Neill SME 3 years policy, national circuit 4 years forensics 1st year KU EK district my first initial and last name, no apostrophe, all one word, @ku.edu
  3. penguinatheart


    OK. I want to hear what's up with this event. Our debate teacher used to coach in Nebraska, where they've had this event for a while. She says all the topics are jokes and the speeches are just totally ridiculous. She says there are never serious topics and the winners are the most ridiculous. Is this what coaches are saying? Because I see Kansas, somewhere where forensics is taken fairly seriously and Impromptu is new, as treating this closer to extemp / oratory / info than IDA.
  4. Pentel RSVP, fine point. fast, thin (good b/c my handwriting sucks) and reliable. one of my ex-partners is a pen fiend (had 75 in his backpack at one tournament) and he tends toward gel-ink pens, but i think they're too thick and hard to read.
  5. Thanks a ton! Kansas debate is pretty similar to MO. I wasn't hoping for a squad of TOC qualifiers, just the existence of a policy program. Can someone explain how MO tourneys work with all the events at the same time? I've heard horror stories about not finishing til 2 in the morning.
  6. My younger brother will be a freshman at Rockhurst next year and I'm trying to get him ready for an illustrious debate career---can anyone tell me if Rockhurst does Policy / CX-style debate, what their squad is like (contemp, traditional, mix, good, average, etc.) and what kinds of opportunities freshmen have (number of tournaments / types of events)? I'm from SME in Kansas and don't have a clue. I'd also like to know how tournaments work in MO. in KS policy and everything else are different seasons and i don't know how you do both at the same time. Thanks!
  7. penguinatheart

    EKNFL IE's

    Given this weekend's results, the qualifiers in other events: House 1. Weiner 3. P. Kennedy 5. Germinder Senate 3. Lassiter 4. Heady I don't believe that this weekend changed any of the debate. Also, to speak for myself and my limited experiences in the extemp room, this weekend was a great experience. I was a bit reluctant to show up, having woken up in the wee hours of the morning to get to the bus in time, but it was well worth it. The mood in the extemp room was great fun, and the competetors did a great job. I can't name one person there who didn't deserve any qualification they were looking for, and for those who just missed (particularly Molly and Hannah), you've got it in the bag next year, once we get rid of these pesky seniors (not that we don't love you, Kathryn, Chad, etc). To Hannah especially, way to keep up the sophomore standard of excellence. Can't wait to see you next year in Vegas. And Shane, there you go. You won't have to suffer a tournament without me Also, someone should post that pic of the All-District Team. I want to know if we look as ridiculous as we were acting. we were all a big slap-happy, several of us having just finished SIX rounds of IX, or at least sat around for 12 hours. ~kate!
  8. shawnee mission east is planning to come. i dont know specifics but know aishlinn and i are planning on freestyle.
  9. just to point out though, it's ut plan 1, not 2. however, andy and nick made a good showing in octas i thought. and represented ks well. everything i heard from anyone about them before the round was OMG THEY'RE SO GOOD!
  10. if, as the post at the top of the page states, making the finals ballot in congress counts as 13, then that would be what rubaie would get, right? maybe i'm misunderstanding.
  11. i got the same information Alman did also, runoffs =/= outrounds. most likely they were in runoffs and lost.
  12. to anyone who gets calls or emails, or the kids actually competing: results for those of us stuck at home? good luck to all from the KS community.
  13. hm, sounds like it could be a good idea for the most part, but just how limiting are we talking? i understand the educational value of having some argument in a round, but also know that many squads at some point in time have their novices write their own cases. we dont do this till the end of the year but 75 novice teams all writing cases when they only have 5 or 6 choices seems like it'd just encourage laziness. it could also be argued that there is value in having to think on your feet, coming up with flaws in a case you dont have a prewritten block to. i'm open to arguments from either side.
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