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  1. You must spread some reputation around before giving it to Felix Hoenikker again.
  2. Adam Blancas Deer Park High School 2007 Emporia State University 2011
  3. x2 on everything good Derek said HOA was a great camp experience
  4. Best idea so far Were i debating in HS next year, i'd definately roll like this
  5. I'm looking for k backfiles from the UN topic. Anything would be greatly appreciated ~Adam
  6. Thanks for the help Question number 2: Who is best to read about changing the way the media effects self perception?
  7. I'm looking for any books dealing with the medias negative effect on peoples self image. If anyone has any uploaded books they could send me, or knows where i could find them online, i would greatly apprectiate it. ~Adam
  8. And was wondering if anyone had them and could possibly get them to me somehow. I'm looking for: The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wold Unbearable Weight: Feminism, Western Culture, and the Body by Susan Bordo The Media and Body Image: If Looks Could Kill by Maggie Wykes, Barrie Gunter Thanks for any help
  9. I cant help but vouch for the camp. The focus on both a traditional and contemporary style of debate (if that's what you wanted) was probably the best aspect of HOA. That and the insanely low cost. Ziegler was dead on when he said that the camp is extremely useful in learning how to adapt to different styles of judging. Going into the camp, my problem was my inability to adapt to traditional judging. I had experience almost exclusively with "champ" styles of debate and wasnt sure how to handle a judged that wanted a slower, less critical round. HOA made sure that this wasn't ever going to be a problem again. And it worked. Definately a great camp, worth tons more than you're being asked to pay
  10. How long do we expect that to last?
  11. I understand. But thats not in any way irony
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