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  1. Ya this is our last day of spring break. We had thursday friday off too. It was such a nice spring break- ya know- sunny, warm, flowers. No. It was 39 and raining the whole day. Nitin's girlfriend who lives in Illinois came home for Spring Break so her and Nitin fooled around a lot.
  2. I like how the article highlights that it was very important that all the LIBERALS, ya know, since it was his awful liberal white teachers that had the awful idea of opposing Weise's thoughts about a pure race. And, the liberal media cast him as a white neo Nazi because they hate white people. Can be not be in an age where politics does not invade everything, and every story, every shooting, can be explained by the fact that he was a liberal or a conservative, or the liberals cast him as this? But I agree that his psychological problems were obvious as soon as he signed onto MSN Messenger.
  3. What do you guys think about the possibility of a terrorist organization getting their hands on a loose nuke or a country selling them a nuke? Do you think this is possible or never going to happen?
  4. hey guess what I'm a freaking citizen! I got my like I don't know what you get for citizenship. But ya
  5. Theres nothing better than missing a day of excused abcense school for a debate tournament. And VHSL is actually somewhat on time. I forgot, do they disclose rounds or not at all? I couldn't remember. Thanks
  6. Mo, that was very nicely worded. I am sad that some cannot comprehend the eloquence with which you use the English language. And you know, all this started because Nitin wanted an apple juice instead of a cosmopolitan or a martini. Nitin, can this be an example of why you should drink? How big is the difference between mindless and pointless? Speaking of omelettes, I had one this morning, and I am getting my wisdom teeth out this summer. All of them. At once.
  7. make that martini with a touch of vermouth Mohammed what was the point of making a new VCFL thread? and naming it Hotel VCFL. Just wondering Hey your 'mo with a 'fro
  8. The US should have given up nuclear weapons a long time ago when Russia offered to get rid of its nuclear weapons if the US would agree to do so. However, the US was so preoccupied with the stupid "Star Wars" defense system that it said so. So, a couple of years later, Russia asked again, and what do you think was the US's answer? No, we're developing "Star Wars". So now in this world of nuclear terrorism and client states and rogue people--we've all read the impact card to our DA's-- the idea of a world without nuclear weapons is not going to happen. I think what we need is better control and management of nuclear weapons. No new testing of new nukes, destruction of most so that each country has a reasonable number, and then we don't have Russia saying "oh we have 19890 nukes in Siberia, one might be missing, we really dont know we have to check and our scientists are doing inventory and we really dont know." It would also allow countries to feel safe because they do indeed have nukes, not just massive amounts. So, your right, the US will not give up nukes but they want other countries too but no one will as long as the US has them and the US will not give them up so were in something of a double bind.
  9. ya but what are we gonna talk about, VCFL's in Richmond?
  10. A lot of NBA players are thugs but it didn't used to be that way. I remember when players like Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway and Jordan played cuz they actually loved the game. They didn't skip practices and yell at the coaches like some NBA players do today. I don't think college basketball so much trains them to be thugs as that they are already or the only reason they are not is because they are in the structured college enviroment. I see the love of the game a lot more in college basketball than I ever do in NBA and I think thats why the fans like it more.
  11. Hey I'm Andrew, Nitin's debate partner. I don't really know anything about debate, but I'm a White Anglo Saxon Protestant, so I really help Nitin win. I'm just got a screen name or whatever, so just saying hi. I agree with Nitin that NBA just blows and no one really watches until the playoffs. March Madness is so much bigger. Does NBA have its own Dick Vitale? No. Does it have its amazing #16 and #1 upsets. Yeah, but no one cares. Right.
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