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    I am a beast. My body was derived from the creator. The problem was that it only took 3 min to create me so i came out undercooked
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    i play the occasional game of hopscotch by myself, eating things that are not edible
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    i am the timekeeper and ringmaster of the poor souls stuck in limbo outside the various rings of dante's inferno
  1. My freshman year was the UNPKO topic and to be honest it kicked ass, the other three topics i debated were much less interesting.
  2. ending global poverty/ disease
  3. i think just the fact that OPEC controlls oil prices and the majority of the oil reserves fuels conflict.
  4. global warming definitely sucks watch al gores movie he does some pretty intense reasearch and explanation on how it fucks us all
  5. The K


    rabid tigers and um use furgeson, then you don't have to worry about pronunciation sons
  6. yeah do it, i wasn't the best/ didn't care too too much abbout it for 4 years. I broke a little, i learned soo much. it shaped what im majoring in college, it helped my public speaking/ persuasion. Reasearch skills and shit is helpful too, yeah u won't cut a card for a living but just to know about the world / be politcally enagaged. You won't cut ptx updates after college or h.s unless your into debate for a carreer but its def good to know the bills and know whats goin on in your country. - weezy
  7. persuasive an slow, i was the latter my freshman year.. would u rather make bank and never know love, or be in like in compete destitution and be in love. ?
  8. judge from harvard wrote " i hate debate sometimes" we had just won on intrinsic perms bad against an edgemont term that was clearly better than us my sophomore year. wordddddd
  9. well you don't have too but if you wanna not look like a complete scrub you should. I mean i did for every tourney in my 4 years just cuz i like looking nice, but its not obligatory. Policy judges don't give a fuck, go in jeans and sweatshirt, have a blast.
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