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  1. maxwell sounds like a douche
  2. movingonup


    i like knowin what other people read. then i know what to read. it's like being in with the cool crowd. bein in the know, ya know? havin your cake and eatin it too
  3. reed. you're dumb, and losing capital quickly.
  4. have some other country do the plan counterplan trade off disads hegemony
  5. i call bullshit on this nonsense carrying through the season
  6. what if the 1ac read 4 minutes of adv to the plan and 4 min of disads?
  7. good move for the redskins. lord knows they can't develop talent, might as well make a trade.
  8. steroid era is on the way out. good luck hittin 50
  9. i'm not in your league. this is my team: mauer votto zobrist/brandon phillips longoria/figgins/zimmerman jeter/reyes sizemore/braun/bay/lind/ethier/lee/ramirez halladay/greinke/wainwright/papelbon/cain/soria/francisco rodriguez/peavy/lackey i get 1b/2b/3b/ss/of (3x)/utility/7 pitchers
  10. shut the fuck up about figure skating. this is a serious question about how to test out a girlfriend. take your talk about some bitch sport (no that's not sexist, the guys doing it are bitches too) to another thread.
  11. it isn't becuase the non-pragmatic example is not an un-thinking or prior rethinking duh?
  12. send her to the store for cookies and ice cream.
  13. ask her what color water is.
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