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  1. I recently went to a talk by Sal Khan from the Khan Academy (10 minute educational video site), and I realized that a similar educational model could be valuable for debate. 1. Is anyone already doing something like this? Are there video lectures about debate already? 2. Any other comments? Would people be interested in watching? Would people be interested in recording? Any topic requests?
  2. I'm working on getting everyone registered for internet. Have your coach fill out http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dEhtUGZxTmc1WWhUTk04SUNmNmJfX2c6MA Sorry I couldn't make it more ad-hoc. Anti-piracy organizations actually police the Stanford network, so I needed a scheme such I wouldn't be held accountable for your piracy should it occur.
  3. Or you could use Google's free OCR program, Tesseract (or FreeOCR for a GUI that works with Tesseract). In general, though, screenshots are fairly low resolution, about 72dpi, whereas OCR programs want closer to 300dpi.
  4. My template was mostly intended to be an update to Whitman's. It should work on Word 07 to the same extent as Whitman's template did. It will probably work a little better than Whitman's did on Mac versions of word because my template uses headers rather than page breaks (though page breaks are supported if you switch over the macros associated with each shortcut key), so even if the formatting was a bit messed up on macs, the functionality should be very similar. I did include a strongly worded disclaimer in my Word Basics document, but that was mostly because I don't have access to a Mac and don't have Word 07 installed at the moment, so I could not do the testing to assure me that it would work. Feel free to test it out for yourselves, though. If there are any bugs, send me an email, and I might be able to get them worked out. Getting Open Office support will be a longer term project, though, because I would want to make an actual extension to Open Office to add a few features that Word has that OOo is missing, and that's harder to do than making a template. If there's a strong demand for Open Office support, though, I could probably port my macros over to Open Office without many substantive changes. Again, just let me know.
  5. I just posted a new set of paperless debate templates and a guide to MS Word My new template improves on the macros that Whitman developed for paperless debate this past year. A few notable features (many of which should help even if you aren't doing paperless debate): -You can move cards up and down -You can send and move subheadings along with headings (ie, moving a Heading 1 will also move a Heading 2 that is under it) -You can jump to headings (think Ctrl+Up, but it moves to headings rather than just moving up one paragraph) -You don't have to use manual page breaks at all if you don't want to -You don't have to manually create "Speech.doc" every time. And "spEECH.dOc" would work if you didn't capitalize it correctly. -You can make the entire document into a cite request -It's completely backwards compatible with Whitman's old template -Most of the bugs with Whitman's old template are now fixed A guide to formatting and usability in MS Word is available. This document goes into depth on Word features and will teach most people some things that let them format their documents more precisely and faster (ie, nonprinting characters, styles, templates, macros, custom toolbars, custom menus). The second half of the document also contains more detailed notes on my macros and on paperless debate. I don't check cross-x often, so make sure you email me directly or cc me if you have any questions/comments/bug reports. I'm taking feature requests if anyone has any Word, Paperless, or other Debate Programming needs. Many thanks to Whitman for getting Paperless going and for helping me start on programming my templates!
  6. Are there any debate camps that have a session that mostly fits in the date range August 8-24?
  7. Anyone who is going to Stanford and is interested in debate, send me an email at meviin AT gmail.com. -Sam King
  8. As you finalize your college application plans, I hope that those of you interested in continuing your debate careers into college will consider Stanford University. Many of you may be unaware that we are making a serious push to revive the policy debate program. The Stanford Debate Society is a student run organization which means that we have no debate scholarships, but our budget is reasonably sized and affords incoming debaters a great opportunity to travel their first year. The coaching staff consists of Corey Turoff and Blake Johnson. We are seriously committed to expanding the NDT program to be nationally competitive and would love it if you would consider joining us to help put Stanford debate among the elite college programs. If you have any questions feel free to message me.
  9. Meviin

    Time Cube

    The way I've seen it run is as a spec argument (yeah - and you thought there was no way to make timecube seem like a less respectable argument). Plan doesn't specify which of the four corners (sides?) of the timecube it is on. This probably kills ground and education somehow.
  10. Wow, Will. Way to not even tell them to go to Eugene so that they can debate for South Eugene HS. South and Ashland go to bunches of national circuit tournaments. I think with Ashland it might just be that Elli and Krystal are awesome enough to want to go to national circuit tournaments, though, rather than something more general. I don't know. At South, we only go to a few in state tournaments in the year - the rest is all national circuit.
  11. Sam King - South Eugene HS Stanford. I'll be debating.
  12. Built in mic/camera on my HP and a lot of new computers. Not like it's hard or expensive to buy a webcam. I'll admit that you should never use firefox's integration with acrobat, but the newer version of Adobe Acrobat is fast, simple, and powerful. Plus, with PCs you have more options for other software with which to mess around with pdfs. You'll probably be able to find all of the same functions on a mac, but it'll be harder. Ie, no torrent for ABBYY for mac. I have personally crashed macs more than PCs (and I rarely use macs, which makes this quite a feat), but I guess it might be easier for most people to screw up a PC if you don't know what you're doing. I don't know exactly how long macs take to startup, so I can't speak to that, but I don't see how it would be easier to recover from a crash. Crash recovery would come with whatever you're using to flow, and, as far as I know, excel for mac is the same as excel for pc. Same with open office calc. Vista desktop search is fine. Google desktop search is nice. Plus, you have lots of different options. Office for mac doesn't work with the templates that people make for PC. Unless you want to design your own macros and font styles and integrate them with the rest of your debate team, PCs are necessary simply for standardizability. It depends on how big the computer is (and processor and rpm on harddrive etc etc). So, if you get a big HP and a small macbook, then the macbook will run more quietly. The opposite also holds true. edit: wow, this topic was really dead...
  13. The implication of the argument that "not all three are necessary" is that if one judge votes neg, then you lose the round. Zizek is saying that in an institution where consensus is necessary, one person saying no solves. Where 2 out of 3 ballots are necessary, then 2 out of 3 ballots are sufficient to safe the world.
  14. If the neg is condo, then a counterperm could be a new 2nc counterplan (though that would make the aff's intrinsic perm legitimate, so, as discussed above, it probably isn't strategic).
  15. this file exists. http://www.mediafire.com/?46imwjozz41 And i only post this because cap is bad. cap is very bad.
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