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  1. zomp

    Coercion DA


    Table of Contents This disad, sometimes ran as a kritik, argues that the service nature of the plan is coercive. This can occur in a couple of different ways, such as taxing the taxpayer for programs that are not voted on, requring service for no material gain, creating a collectivist mindset (i.e., social welfare), and so on. Also known as "objectivism," this position argues that an individual's propery is not only key to their happiness, but also to their dignity and self worth. The plan, then, undermines this notion of individualism for a broader, societal impact. The disad argues that utilitarianism is bunk, and notions of individualism are key to protect rights and to prevent larger-scale violence, including wars fostered by totalitarianism and fascism. The position also includes must-have affirmative answers.

    5.00 USD

  2. Version

    Table of Contents If the other team (say a new Aff) occurs, they will most likely read evidence in a traditional manner, which includes the DATE the evidence was published (like, Zompetti in 2006). Those are your links arguments, and they are all you need. By using, engaging, and perpetuating the dates, the other team is legitimizing the GREGORIAN CALENDAR – the common calendar we all use on an everyday basis. The Gregorian Calendar was instituted by Pope Gregory in the late 1500s in response to the Julian calendar that was used previously. The K authors – most of them are new age, spiritual hacks – argue that the Gregorian calendar is inaccurate, and based on the Earth’s revolvement around the sun. The inaccuracies cause an imbalance with nature (since the Earth doesn’t revolve the Sun in 365 days). As a result, the imbalance creates tension, stress, and aggression, which the authors argue has caused many wars.For a mere $5, you get the full K file, answers, plus a strategy page. For a multi-purpose K that can be run against anyone, you can't beat it.If you have questions, email me: zompetti@aol.com

    5.00 USD

  3. Go to zompetti's new Framework file. You'll find a TOC and notice how the blocks are organized.
  4. Version

    Table of Contents Here are some solid answers to nonviolence arguments.

    3.00 USD

  5. zomp

    framework file


    Table of Contents This is a steal! For $8 you get a massive 260 page Framework file. This is a must-have file for every debater's arsenal. It is loaded with frontlines, topicality arguments, and anticipated "answers to" blocks. Check out the table of contents to see what you'll get. Other folks offer to sell a framework file, but none are this comprehensive and as organized as this one.Questions? Email me at zompetti@aol.com

    8.00 USD

  6. Version

    Table of Contents These are answers against the Buddhism Kritik, which typically argues that action is bad and instead we should meditate. These answers confront this type of thinking.In this file you'll find fully-stocked 2AC answers, a 1AR overview, and 1AR extension evidence.

    4.00 USD

  7. Version

    Table of Contents This disad argues that the US action of the Aff trades-off with Canadian influence (soft power) around the world. In effect, US and Canadian foreign policy are zero-sum. The argument is that Canada needs to maintain its soft power in order to influence key international issues, such as the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), global disarmament, the war on terrorism, and policies in Africa. There are general links, as well as specific links to demining, HIV/AIDS, and medical operations.This argument is a great stand-alone disad, or as a net-benefit to a Canada counterplan. For six dollars, it is a bargain for an argument that links to any Affirmative.

    6.00 USD

  8. zomp

    Satire Answers


    Table of Contents This file gives you all you need to answer satire Affirmatives and any Negative argument that utilizes satire. I suggest you run these arguments in conjunction with a Framework argument.Feel free to email me if you have questions: zompetti@aol.com

    5.00 USD

  9. email me and I'll send you some. zompetti@aol.com
  10. zomp

    Colonialism K


    Table of Contents This critique argues that the Aff embraces a savior mindset, assuming that it has the answers to "protect" or "save" Africa from problems. The problem is that this logic actually creates the problems Africa is experiencing, and replicates colonialism since it presumes Africans can't take care of themselves.The file is full of ready-to-use briefs, with extensive link and impact extensions. The file also includes Aff responses. Every card is underlined.

    6.00 USD

  11. zomp

    Hyphen CP


    Table of Contents This generic counterplan has high utility for those rounds where you have nothing to say or when the Aff tries to be tricky by changing their plan text. If they use a hyphen, you can counterplan to do the plan, but not use the hyphen. It's as simple as that. These blocks come prepared with answers to permutations, textual competition bad and some reasons why using hyphens might be good (although none of those reasons will be specific to the Aff).There are also Aff answers included.It is ALWAYS a good idea to have a wide range of Neg arguments in your arsenal. For this low price, this counterplan is definitely a must have.

    5.00 USD

  12. Since all of the camp files are on here for free, are there arguments or files that people would like for me to research and put on Evazon??? zompetti
  13. Version

    Table of Contents Diversify your Neg strategy with this all-purpose, generic disad. It links to virtually every "traditional" (i.e., not kritikal) aff. The aff's aid goes to corrupt African governments which can decrease democracy, undermine the rule of law, crust African economies, cause massive political instability, widespread poverty, etc.You get what you pay for - every card is underlined. The cards are 98% specific to Africa, and they are AMAZINGLY good. PLUS - no summer camp, handbook or online resource is producing this file!!! You can only get it here!!!Ask me if you have questions -- zompzompetti@aol.com

    5.00 USD

  14. I have some D&G answers. Email me at zompetti@aol.com if you're interested.
  15. thanks, I know we're having technical difficulties. Yes, we offer scholarships.
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