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  1. i would like a paid judging position but im not sure about the first year out of hs rule. however like some tournies judging might go desperate so if that happens email me. djoriental@sbcglobal.net thanks.
  2. at first glance i thought this thread was about the upcoming superman movie.
  3. CannyKenny

    UTNIF 2006

  4. idk what difference this may make but i will be debating.
  5. that is fantastic! tell him i say congrats.
  6. ryan how's kinkaid doing after 7 rounds?
  7. CannyKenny

    New topic?

    so are there any news about the 06-07 topic?
  8. jairus grove should be the single reason one should attend.
  9. CannyKenny

    New Topic

    do we get paid for judging?
  10. what happened to the UH b ball team? they used to be so kick ass.
  11. CannyKenny


    we could kill them. that's like turning off the faucet or cutting the water supply.
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