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  1. Looks like they disabled YouTube live chat for the finals. I guess I could imagine why. But who do you all think won?
  2. Haven't been watching - is Rutgers still arguing burden of proof is racist like in ceda finals? And are they not reading cards?
  3. The 8 teams still in are the top 8 prelim seeds and are all first round teams Still equally split, 4 K and 4 policy teams
  4. watching this debate now. this cp is insane. i don't know if i'm amazed or horrified. if the 2AC had understood what the cp does it would be so easy to destroy it imo - the cp spots the aff link and uniqueness for state politics disads in every state
  5. It looks to me like octas is evenly split between k and policy teams (or rather, 8 policy teams 7 k teams and Weber State who I'm not familiar with and whose case wiki link is broken). And who said the ndt isn't open to diverse forms of debate. By comparison - ceda octas had 13 k teams and 3 policy teams...
  6. Kansas dr over Georgetown kl is a big surprise but they do that sometimes Can't wait for pairings to come out for round 4 - assuming normal high-low power matching we are gonna have a rematch of last year's finals
  7. Is anyone streaming rounds besides Joe Leeson-Schatz?
  8. I think Harvard's gonna take it again this year. No one's mentioned Wake AS yet though, I think they have a good shot of making it to the finals, along with Georgetown KL and Berkeley MS. It seems like there's kind of a gap between those four and the rest of the first-round teams if you take results and subjectively how good they've looked in streamed rounds. There's definitely teams that could surprise depending on matchups and panel comps - on the policy side Emory and Berkeley GW, and on the K side Rutgers and Kansas DR - especially given the surprise showing that Kansas made in out rounds last year - but my instinct would be that Harvard/Wake/Gtown/MS would be a favorite against the rest of the field.
  9. I wish videos like this showed the RFD more often though. you learn a lot from the rfd.
  10. Also, if you want to see the videos, you have to search 2011 toc beacon on vimeo.com, it won't show up if you just search on google. (sorry for the double post, I can't edit my posts on my phone)
  11. So I just watches the octos round between Beacon and kinkaid (or Kinkaid, if they're not still doing the no caps thing). It was awesome; the case was really persuasive, but the neg's specific K was not responded to well in the 2ac or 1ar. I do wish kinkaid hadn't gone for the framework arg in the 1nr, they were way ahead on the k debate and by extending the framework and not answering the perf con stuff well they really gave the aff a way back in to potentially win the debate.
  12. http://wiki.debatecoaches.org/2010-2011+%E2%80%94+Beacon+%28NY%29+%E2%80%94+Damiyr+Davis+%26+Miguel+Feliciano They read a bunch of cards talking about the Louisvile Project, so if you know about that then theirs is similar, but focused on concepts of policing in education and debate.
  13. You know what would be really cool? A Zizek response to Beacon's aff accepting their premise of non-traditional intellectuslism, citing the ubiquitous facebook argument over whether or not its okay for Americans to be celebrating an assassination, and advocating the ironic embrace of patriotic bloodthirst for international policing as a better alternative to Beacon's project for ending the intellectual police state both within and outside debate.
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