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  1. something tells me that if Jamie-Berk were TOCMAVEN (or visa-versa) he wouldnt be ranked lower than number 1 -Bill
  2. I agree. Kyle Davis is already sensitive about being Jamie-Berk's tool. No need to rub it in. -Bill
  3. Actually, the counterplan was to fund us-alien relations, and mark and jack were to baddass to read any specific cards on the counterplan and still win the round
  4. AJ- UMICH 7 week Bill- UNT/Stanford Jack- UT/Fellows Mark- UMICH 7 week Bardon- UMICH 7 week Kenny- UMICH 7 week Pierce- SDI? Oliver- UT?
  5. It was not only rhetorical, but assumed as well.
  6. Yeah...that's why you will never debate for us
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