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  1. We were talking about this in class, and we came up with a few ideas for solving it, but they really didn't seem to have any substantial ground (debate thinking here). Either way, it was interesting and I wanted to hear what you all had to say about it, seeing as you are vastly more intelligent than my classmates. We all know the problems, but what is to be done about it? How should we go about fixing it without disrupting the balance we have struck? Your feelings/comments/concerns? Let us know!
  2. From a current High School debators standpoint, I really don't see the point. They would catch a few kids (believe it or not "druggies" are involved in debate) but for the most part the tests would have little effect. Since you have to take Oral Communication or Debate to graduate at my school, they could literally sweep half the student populous. Despite this interesting loophole, the truly active members have very little to worry about. Personally, I feel drug tests for (active) debate students is a waste of money by the school system, and is better used to buy new debate evidence and utilities. Education > Drug Tests
  3. Seeing all the movies nominated for best picture, I would have to agree with the Academys choice. 'Crash' I felt was by far the best film, simply because of the message it sent. Those who have not seen it, do so, as as humanly possible. The symbolism, camera work, casting, everything was spot on. The only movie nominated that could've given it a run for its money was Capote.
  4. Kevin or Cole: Why did Cole come into the Congress house in the third round? Cole: You put a damn good fight in Congress, I was truly surprised you didn't make the ballot. Nice Job, you have my respect forever.
  5. Final Pattonville roster up.
  6. More people = bigger school teams = more funding = better (in size, quality and quantity) tournaments. And if you're good, then you have some easy rounds. But more exposure cannot hurt. Yeah, we'll pick up some crappy debaters. Just like every sport has crappy players. But we'll pick up good people as well. The way I see it, we can only go forward from where we are.
  7. I was just wondering if anyone saw yesterday's Colbert Report. I usually don't cae for it, but their special guest was Brett O'Donnell. For those of you who don't know, he's Liberty University's debate coach. Apparently Liberty has the #1 debate team in the country (i'm not exactly sure how college debate works on the different circuits). Either way, seeing debate getting time on national television is (at least in my opinion) great for our activity. People will see this and become interested, hopefully leading to further activity. I just wish debate got more attention than it does, and this is the kind of thing we need to happen. Not that participation is low, but by using television we can reach an untapped audience and draw even more people in to our activity. So, a tip of the hat to the Colbert Report, nice job on this one.
  8. Updated somewhat, we might have more FX/DX people, and i'll find out the 2nd Senate person tommorow. Dylan, I put you at the bottom for the following reasons: 1) Tim/Tyler are better than you (no offense, it kind of unwritten) 2) Both of the teams above you have been debating longer than you 3) It doesn't matter 4) The order they occured to me 5) Just to piss you off. (To quote the great Dan Dorsey: "And I'll laugh, 'cause thats funny to me.")
  9. We are most likely sending four, i'll find out tommorow and update it. Don't worry.
  10. Anyone in E-MO who considers nationals a possiblity should be doing the same as Steve. That's why I'm not asking for it...
  11. Evidence is easy, it's called your local AV Room. I know just mentioning the debate coach's name in our AV room gets you whatever you want (reams of paper, pens, unlimited copies ASAP etc etc.) Just ask them to copy all your stuff, viola~ two sets. Other resources just split it the way you need to. Tubs, whoever's new partner has more stuff gets the bigger tub etc. Whoever needs it, gets it, its really not that bad. If you get really desparate, hope to god you go Aff-Neg on the same rounds and just make two tubs, Neg and Aff and swap em. But definitly try the whole AV thing first.
  12. Pattonville CX Kuehn/Kile Forsythe/Tran Kaminsky/Clark Candler/Dubo LD Galster Singh Jones Barr PuF Steelman/Prochko McDaniels/Frisch Thompson/Thompson Maschger/Splett Duo Boenker/Ellis DI Ellis Boenker Pearson HI Sandhe Hidvegi DX Kile Thompson Forsythe Candler FX Galster Singh Jones Kuehn OO Frisch Steelman Prochko Dubo Congress 15 (!) People Senate Kaminsky ?
  13. That was by far the most helpful response. Ever. Thank you. Maybe someone with some real feedback could help me please? Thanks
  14. I recently had this run on me as an impact for a politix DA and I am looking into cutting my own. Problem is, I seem to have misplaced (ok, I lost it) my flow and my partner and I can't remember how it ties in. I know Bush is in favor of Posse Comitatus, but how does it integrate into the whole Politix scenario? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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