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  1. Can someone send me some threat construction files? In particular I know that utnif 2006 put out a great file. Looking for lipshutz, dillon and cambell authors.
  2. Does anybody happen to have a "The Hammer" ASPEC file? I have no idea who put it out, but it comes with the full 2ac and 1ar and requires very little work. It was from Civil Liberties. If not is there an equally bad a ASPEC file? I heard the SDI put one out last year too that was quite amazing. I just would like good file, I'm willing to trade and have most camps and many homemade stuff too
  3. I am running Radio Frequency Identification. I'am re-writing my case for UIL State and found a card on how a RFID system will lead us down a slippery slope as did Social Security numbers. Would this be more of a harm or a sig?
  4. Hey, I know you. Your pretty rad. Thanks.
  5. I'm a Texas debater wanting to stay here in Texas as far as camp goes. What are some of the camps here in Texas aswell as their websites besides UTNIF and UNT. -Matt
  6. dilly148

    No Fly

    If anyone as this AFF. pm or email me at forensicater @ gmail.com I have UTNIF, Wake, miami-ohio, umich 7 week, SDI, UNT and Gonzaga
  7. If you think so. I don't care about who or what I look like. I care about doing well. and binders aid to that. which is why I suggest them to anyone. but thanks.
  8. Marathon I, but they don't have tuition fee's up on their site.
  10. How much is it going to cost this year?
  11. Does anyone have a nat'l ID affirmative on them? E-Mail me at forensicater@gmail.com or IM on AIM at Matt dot Comm. I have Miami, UNT, UTNIF, SDI, Wake Forest, U-Mich 7 week, and Gonzaga. thanks.
  12. Well their is a film crew following a team (GP Highschool in s.texas) down here. I think it is a documentary. They have been like interveiwing other coaches and shit as well. IDK I'll look into it.
  13. You really can't win vagueness one this one. You can of course try and suck up time. But as a kritikal case, advocacy statements suffice. It also gives some real world cases where we use the Panoptic model. The best one really would be store surveillance. and as far as plan-flaw, it's still policy i suppose. You don't need to put a stop to it as a whole. but thats all in my early uneducated (no-sarcasm here) opinion.
  14. Yes, UT files aren't well written just use their evidence.
  15. I have AIDS quarantine, "future" internment from miami. Democracy, Militarism from SDI 1ac's JVC, Racial Redemption from SDI JVC, Hegemony from SDI wave 2. Email me at "forensicater@gmail.com" if you want.
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