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  1. back to the quotes please...
  2. 8 I hate poetry. There is no escape from the bourgeoisie. Everyone writes like you and me. No one is original, no one is new, Poetry is dumb, and so are you. -Davitron
  3. Started one in the Misc forum, worked for a good few weeks but I thought I'd introduce one exclusively to the SW. Okay so here's the thing: Post a quote. The next person to post rates that quote from 1-10 (10 being the highest) then posts their own quote. Got it?
  4. Hey josh, Cassie Harris wants to smack your muffins and Matt Lane wants to watch. Just kind of fyi.
  5. Hargis, get on your own member name! Besides I'm much sexierest.
  6. even though im on sheps name its me the hargis and im alot more sexy
  7. Davethehistorianic is up for SW mod. Everyone who is eligible to vote should vote for him. Don't ask questions, just vote!
  8. jshepard


    but so does doing strange things with gerbils, hargis.
  9. Read the story, check out the links. http://frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=17491 Any thoughts?
  10. jshepard

    Norman North

    That you Hargy?
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