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  1. I don't know about the worst CX I've seen but I do know the worst round I've ever been in. It was last year. We were aff. against this shitty novice team at regionals who had qualified in Bethany (b/c they were the only team there). 1AC: Case (Cyprus) CX: useless shit 1NC: 30 sec. counterplan about sending rats to africa to find landmines. (has nothing to do with our case) CX: questions about cp, "is your cp topical?", "yeah" 2AC: perm, add on adv. to case CX: more useless shit 2NC: add ons to cp CX: no questions 1NR: more bolstering. It was all pretty downhill from there. 20 minutes tops. It sucked.
  2. did it on purpose jackass, and you can still suck em.
  3. why the FUCK do you post??????!!!!
  4. UT mothafucka. Bring it ho.
  5. goodwin and johns should rule ass, too
  6. why would a koala beat a badger in a plunger fight?
  7. gentry gonna kick some ass dis year.
  8. Thanks a lot, Nick ...asswipe.
  9. what's so common about 55 pages of threads?
  10. go pick up one of the homeless chicks on Guadalupe, Nick. I'm sure she'd be glad to have your nickles and dime.
  11. jshepard


    Not very long, I suppose...
  12. I myself agree with fbsgw.
  13. Ooo look at me! I'm violating the separation of church and state!
  14. jshepard

    I've been banned.

    Been there, done that...
  15. Hargis, no one has touched your thread... Face it... You suck......
  16. School board votes to add Bible elective ODESSA, Texas (AP) -- The school board in the West Texas town of Odessa voted unanimously to add a Bible class to its high school curriculum. Hundreds of people, most of them supporters of the proposal, packed the board meeting Tuesday night. More than 6,000 Odessa residents had signed a petition supporting the class. Some residents, however, said the school board acted too quickly. Others said they feared a national constitutional fight. Barring any hurdles, the class should be added to the curriculum in fall 2006 and taught as a history or literature course. The school board still must develop a curriculum, which board member Floy Hinson said should be open for public review. The board had heard a presentation in March from Mike Johnson, a representative of the Greensboro, North Carolina-based National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, who said that coursework designed by that organization is not about proselytizing or preaching. But People for the American Way and the American Civil Liberties union have criticized the council, saying its materials promote religion. Johnson said students in the elective class would learn such things as the geography of the Middle East and the influence of the Bible on history and culture. "How can students understand Leonardo da Vinci's 'Last Supper' or Handel's 'Messiah' if they don't understand the reference from which they came?" Johnson said. The group's Web site says its curriculum has received backing in 292 school districts in 35 states. In Frankenmuth, Michigan, a similar proposal led to a yearlong controversy before the school board voted in January not to offer such a course.
  17. 9 TYLER You know why they have oxygen masks on planes? JACK No, supply oxygen? TYLER Oxygen gets you high. In a catastrophic emergency, we're taking giant, panicked breaths... Tyler grabs a safety instruction CARD from the seatback, hands it to Jack. TYLER Suddenly, we become euphoic and docile. We accept our fate. Emergency water landing, 600 miles per hour. Blank faces -- calm as Hindu cows.
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